5@5: Animals become antimicrobial resistant | New CBD funding – New Hope Network

A new landmark international study shows a “remarkable” increase in antimicrobial resistance in animals raised for food products around the globe. Researchers believe that subsidies to improve farm hygiene coupled with country-level legislative action are the only ways to prevent catastrophic widespread animal infections in the future. Read more at Modern Farmer

The U.S. government announced that it will allocate $3 million of funding toward research on CBD. The science behind the ingredient has been lagging, but situations such as the opioid addiction crisis have “sparked new scientific interest in marijuana’s pain-easing properties.” Read more at NBC News

Miami Beach-based bath and beauty company Truly Organic will pay the Federal Trade Commission $1.76 million to settle a complaint that alleges its products are neither certified organic or 100% organic. Truly Organic’s greenwashing is part of a larger problem that distorts competition for genuinely organic products and potentially harming consumers. Read more at Beauty Matter

Microplastics, which are now indisputably part of our food chain, were recently shown to have an adverse effect on earthworms. Researchers found that these particles obstructing and irritated the earthworms’ digestive tract and limited their absorption of nutrients. Read more at Treehugger

Humans’ tendency to overhunt and overharvest has left us with a long list of extinct animals and a narrow range of crops that we can use to feed our growing population. But there are ways to preserve what we have left—first and foremost through adopting a plant-based diet. Read more at NPR

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