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By now we’ve all heard about the CBD craze but for the first time, we are getting some guidance from a major patient advocacy group on how to use the much-touted but mostly unproven ingredient.

The Arthritis Foundation released guidelines offering some direction for those who want to use CBD products but stopped short of recommending the products for arthritis patients. 

Over the last few years, CBD has become increasingly popular, but the biggest concern is the lack of guidance on how to use it and any longterm effects it might have.

The recommendation from the Arthritis Foundation is an attempt to provide some clarity, despite a lack of scientific evidence. 

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried has been pushing for regulation of hemp as a crop In Florida. One of the major reasons is that CBD oil is usually extracted from hemp. 

“Hemp is something that is going to be a $20 billion-$30 billion industry here in our state,” Fried said.

However, there is no guidance or regulation standard for the treatment right now, which Fried said is causing problems.  

“I can’t tell you the amount of stories I hear all across our state where people bought CBD because they thought it was healing and trying to do health and wellness, and they realize… there is no CBD in it, maybe it’s less than they thought … or there’s THC in it,” Fried said.

The task of regulating CBD products has fallen on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but so far the agency has not done so.

The Arthritis Foundation surveyed more than 2,600 patients suffering from arthritis, finding nearly 80% are currently using CBD, have used it, or are considering it for their joint pain,since there currently is no cure. 

The Arthritis Foundation recommendations include:

  • Use low doses, which seem to work best for pain relief.
  • Start with a CBD-only product, 5 to 10mg twice daily, and then slowly increase, going up to a dose of 50 to 100mg per day.
  • Use only at night at first.
  • Edibles’ effects last longer than vaping, so don’t try them until you know what CBD strain and dose work for you.
  • Use caution if you are 25 years old or younger and using CBD products that contain THC. 

The Foundation says if someone with arthritis does want to use CBD, they recommend using CBD oil found in sprays or liquid drops that patients hold under their tongue for at least one minute. 

However, the Foundation urges people not to vape CBD as health officials continue to investigate vaping related deaths. 

At least nine people have died as a result of a vaping-related illness. 

Finally, never stop taking arthritis medications already prescribed by doctors without speaking to a physician first. 

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