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So, you just finished up a visit with the doctor about your recent episodes of depression and anxiety. During your visit, he was suggesting that you could try out some pharmaceutical anti-depressants. You didn’t like the sound of this because you didn’t want to rely on some drug to let you live your life freely.

You get home disappointed but curious to discover some potential natural remedies for your depression. You search all over Google until you come across CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, an active chemical found within the marijuana and hemp plants. Although CBD comes from marijuana, it will not get you high. CBD works to alleviate most stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

You’re reluctant at first to order some due to the legal troubles surrounding marijuana but you do your research – learning that CBD is derived from industrial hemp, not marijuana, and is legal in all 50 states. You do some research into the best vendors, and decide to jump the gun and buy CBD oil.

The oil arrives and you try it out as recommended, just a few drops under the tongue. Yuck! Even though the calming effects of CBD reduced your depression, you couldn’t get over the plant-like taste of the oil.

Fortunately, there are some creative ways you can try to mask the taste of CBD oil and continue your path with natural medications unphased.

1. Mixing CBD With Your Everyday Meals

Sometimes when we try to feed medicine to our pets, we will mask it by mixing it with their food. Just like your pet, you might not notice it as much if you decide to mix it with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Simply add your preferred dosage of CBD oil onto your morning bacon, a sandwich at lunch, or salad during dinner time.

2. Mix CBD With Your Beverages

Do you happen to have a routine glass of orange juice that you drink every morning? Maybe you’re just one that likes to stay hydrated with water. Regardless, CBD will mix well with your beverage of choice and effectively make its way into the bloodstream.

Simply drop in your desired dosage of CBD oil and drink away! Keep in mind, water might not completely mask the flavor of CBD oil, so you’d be better off mixing it with a juice, smoothie, or tea.

3. Sweeten it up With CBD Desserts

You might find that you appreciate the normality of your everyday meals and want CBD to feel different and more rewarding. You can consider baking a batch of cupcakes or a tray of brownies to make your CBD experience a bit sweeter.

This practice can almost correlate with the concept of positive reinforcement with food. Leonard Epstein from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical sciences writes that eating certain foods can provide a positive association to people.

In our example, eating a breakfast muffin that you know is mixed with CBD might create a lasting positive association. For instance, muffins that aren’t even mixed with CBD might deliver a sort of calming effect after you get used to the habit of mixing muffins and CBD.

4. Not Much of a Baker? Try out CBD + Candy

If desserts aren’t your thing and you want something simpler, consider trying CBD mixed with candy.

If you’re looking for our recommendation, here at SF Examiner, we absolutely love the CBD gummies from Royal CBD. They’re delicious, vegan, and THC-free, and were ranked as having the best CBD-infused edible in this report. When it comes to CBD gummies today, look no further than Royal CBD.

CBD gummies will also help regulate your dosage by providing a fixed amount of CBD. When dripping CBD oil, you might not drip enough of it and mistake it as a full dose. CBD candy is fun, discreet, and will completely mask any of the harsh plant-like flavors that CBD oil might possess.

5. Mix CBD With Your Lotion

Compared to other methods on this list, you will not get the same intensity of results when you opt for topical absorption, but there are still locally noticeable results. If CBD is absorbed topically it will not reach the bloodstream, however, it will still interact with local endocannabinoid receptors in the skin.

This method can be useful for local muscle pains or headaches, just apply liberally with your preferred lotion.


If you don’t like the flavor of some medicines you aren’t alone. Plenty of people gag at the thought of having to take cough syrup. Hopefully, this list has given you some options to enjoy and continue your journey with CBD as a natural cure for your depression and anxiety.

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