This CBD- And THC-Infused Sparkling Water Is The Stoner Of Seltzer Brands – Delish

If you’re still stressing about the White Claw shortage, I gotchu. A new seltzer brand launched today that not only tastes great, but will chill you tf out, too. The „fast-acting, micro-dosed” sparkling water comes in a variety of flavors, but also…strengths. They’ve got CBD-only and CBD + THC cans. Which means, yes, the latter will get you high.

„Creative Waters expands our portfolio of revolutionary smoke-free wellness products for those consumers looking for a safe, easy on-ramp into cannabis consumption,” EVP of marketing Maikel van de Mortel said in a statement. „Whether it be a relaxed or balanced experience or more of an elevated and energized sensation, Creative Waters offers a range of refreshing flavors; micro-dosed to support responsible cannabis consumption through our patent pending fast-acting onset and rapid dissipation technology.”

The debut launch features three flavors, Berry Lemon, Cucumber Lime, and Passionfruit Tangerine Coconut. The CBD-only cans are non-psychoactive and include 25g of the plant extract while the THC-infused variant has three mood profiles. You can opt for a can of Lift, Balance, or Relax. „Each of these products are micro-dosed with a specific ratio of CBD to THC to produce the desired mood level upon consumption,” a rep for the brand said. Some have less THC, more CBD and vise versa. The balance can is a 1:1 ratio.


Creative Waters Co

Because there are, you know, laws about marijuana, Creative Waters Co. (aka the Snoop Dogg of seltzer brands) is only available for purchase in Nevada and California dispensaries.

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