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Over the past year, CBD edibles have taken up a big piece of the industry’s pie. What is CBD and why has this trend taken off?

According to MarketWatch, the sector is anticipated to hit $4.1 billion in 2019, which is one of the fastest-growing markets out. A big cause for the spike in popularity is that edibles are much more acceptable by everyone, citing that they’re much easier and enjoyable to ingest. In fact, Baby Boomers have actually made up a significant portion of edible consumption, which AARP cites a big reason is that CBD is much cheaper than traditional medicine. However, with such a groundbreaking trend, how can we tell which products are the tastiest?

While we all know there’s a wide variety of candies out there, a lot of entrepreneurs have been experimenting with everything from beef jerky to infused sparkling waters, and even giving CBD to their dogs. To discover which ones might suit your needs, we decided to compile a list of what products people considered tastiest, as well as what quality and innovation go into each. Check them out below:

CBD Gummies

Of all the types of CBD edibles on the market, the CBD gummy rules supreme as the most popular. I wrote an in-depth post on the best CBD Gummies on the market, which you can find here.

If you find yourself going with gummies, my favorite product to recommend based on taste and quality ingredients is Verma Farms. My only critique of the company is they sell out of product super fast due to demand, so just make sure if you find a product you want in stock you act fast.

Lord Jones

Lord Jones doesn’t hold back on being a premium brand, which reflects quite a bit in the quality of their product. What makes Lord Jones such an interesting choice is the basis of their model, going after a ‘craft short-run’ approach you’d see out of top-tier craft breweries, or by streetwear brands like Supreme. Their signature line of small-batch gumdrops is currently still on their Summer Line, which includes raspberry, old fashion, peach, blackcurrant, and green apple, proving they’re accurate to the season. Rounding things out with chocolate espresso chews, as well as two limited-edition collaborations with Sigur Ros and The Standard, Lord Jones is the creme de la creme of the CBD candy world, which is why you shouldn’t sleep on what they might be having up next this Fall.


A top choice for CBD Soda, Sprig has been making a name for itself as the CBD World’s Coca-Cola. Currently offering there Zero Sugar models (Melon, Lemon Tea, and Citrus), the group also offers a cane-sugar version of the Citrus and is priced at around $50 for a 12 pack. With a taste that’s balanced and light, this all-natural liquid edible delivers a refreshing twist to a 20mg dosage. Perfect for a hot summer day or as a mixer, Sprig has definitely sprung to the top of our tastebuds.

Cured Nutrition

If you’re a fan of Nut Butter, Cookie Dough, or both, then checking out Cured Nutrion’s Peanut Butter Cookie Dough bar is an absolute must. One of our favorite on-the-go snacks from the list, the organic bar holds 30mg of CBD, which is a staggeringly generous amount for the price tag. With other ingredients that include peanuts, almonds, and almond meal, the snack is also packed with protein too. Including broad-spectrum hemp from Colorado, the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough bar from Cured is a product you might want to consider buying up in bulk as this is exactly what a lot of people on the market are after.

Kushie Bites

For those looking for a wide variety of flavor, Kushie Bites has the spectrum covered. With products ranging from gumballs and chocolate chip cookies to beef jerky and peanut butter, Kushie Bites has done an amazing job delivering on high-quality edibles that have broken the mold on what can be done with infusions. The beef jerky was especially exceptional, which comes in original and teriyaki, and stacks up at an affordable $25 per 250mg pack. A truly spectacular lineup, Kushie Bites has outdone themselves when it comes to staying ahead of the curve.

Sunday Scaries

What exactly is a Sunday Scary? That dreaded feeling on Sunday of fearing work on Monday, which is exactly what Sunday Scaries is here to help you conquer. Notorious for their vegan lineup of gummies (called Vegan AF, if you had any doubt on how vegan it really is), Sunday Scaries also rounds out their offerings with regular gummies as well as Unicorn Jerky (which, as they describe as a Rainbow Candy for Chillin’). In terms of liquid edibles, they recently unveiled their energy drink lineup called Yolo Shot (which comes in Tropical Pineapple, Sour Fruit Punch, and Coconut Lime), Sunday Scaries doesn’t fear having fun with their flavorings, making them one of the more interesting companies to experiment with.


As one of the only ‘snack first’ companies on the list, NatureBox’s lineup of CBD snacks definitely put the attention to detail in what they’re offering. Although they only have three flavors (Pineapple, Watermelon, and Passion-Berry), the group has done an excellent job of delivering a simple but flavorful cube that’s not only vegan but only contains natural ingredients too. Oh, and the best part? Their membership program enables you to get some serious discounts for the dosage, which is well worth the money in itself. Especially for those looking for a treat made by snack people, these CBD gummies knock it out of the park.


If you’re looking for a powerful packing snack bar, then look no further than Snacc CBD. As a superfood bar, their two flavors of Chocolate Cherry Almond and Lemon Cream Crisp both contain 12 Super Foods, 5 grams of protein, and of course, 15 mg of CBD. Currently being packaged in a box of eight at around $64, this product actually delivers a good bang-for-you-buck (especially if you’re big on health bars). All-in-all, Snacc CBD delivers on its name, making it one of the purest health bars on the list.


It should come as no surprise that two of the largest health trends on the market would join forces, which is exactly what Nessalla is delivering with their CBD infused kombucha. Currently offering three flavors, they hit the nail on the head with their offerings, including Butterfly Effect (a concord grape overtone with a tart finish), Magic Matcha (a matcha tea-infused mix that has flavorings of passionfruit), and J-Hops (which has a hoppy, sticky flavor that’s rounded out with White Rose tea). Keep an eye out for this group, because these offerings might become the frontrunner for CBD kombucha.

Diamond CBD

An incredibly popular choice, Diamond CBD has one of the more extensive lineups of gummies out today. With flavors that vary between sour and regular, Diamond CBD’s quality is top-notch and includes variations of dosages to match your needs. Additionally, all their offerings are incredibly flavorful, where you can tell the folks at Diamond CBD are indeed candy fans. As the only CBD company that’s partnered with Tommy Chong for a lineup of goods, you know their tastebuds are just as premium to match.

Balance CBD

Coming in with a line of gummies, Balance CBD is an absolute treat. Currently offering everything in 100mg or 250mg packages, their flavors include Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange Dreamsicle, Cotton Candy, Wildberry, and a Variety Pack.

As another certified organic and vegan group of products, Balance has a level of consistency amongst their sweet flavors that actually comes off as somewhat healthy. A great bang for your buck when it comes to quality, these are as straightforward as it gets for affordable, high-level CBD.


For those that love to adventure, having access to high-quality CBD and protein bars is a must, which is exactly what Velobar CBD aims to offer. A vegan, high-protein nutrition bar that contains roasted nuts, dark chocolate, and sea salt, the Velobar offers CBD in one of the healthiest delivery methods out of the bunch. With 20mg of CBD in each bar at $5 per piece, the price point is actually a steal considering the dosage. Don’t be surprised if you find these at every health food store within the next year, especially for how flavorful they are in comparison to other bars like Luna or Cliff.

Green Roads World

As practically a household name in CBD Green Roads World comes in with a great lineup of edibles. Currently offering Gummy Bears, Fruit Bites, Relief Todays, Froggies, and Sour Froggies, their gummies all come in different variations of sizes and dosages. Although more of a traditional CBD company, the quality of their offerings can hold a candle against some of the best in CBD. With the reputation that Green Roads World has built over the years, the expectations that with their products has been high; however, with these gummies, it’s easy to see why they’ve been the reigning champs of the industry for so long.

Wise Bar

Another power bar for the list, Wise Bar offers a 100 percent organic, vegan group of energy bars. With 25mg per bar, the brand currently offers five different flavors which include Apple Pie, Mexican Chocolate, Tropical Blastoff, Peanut Butter & Jam, and Cashew Lemon Ginger. Although these are on the higher-end of the spectrum when it comes to the price point (each bar is around $6-7), you’re definitely getting what you pay for out of it as one of the most complete snacks. Yes, for quality and consistency, Wise Bar is indeed, the wise choice.


For the junk food fanatic, Weetos is the perfect alternative snack. A play-on-words, Weetos are the makers of three variations of chips, which include Extra Crunchy Weetos, Flaming Hot Weetos, and Extra Flaming Hot Weetos; as well as two kinds of cereal, Cannamon Crunch and Froot Poofs. With different variations that play off of our favorite junk foods, Weetos has a corner of the market locked down with the flavors to match. Plus, at $5 per bag, these bad boys are a steal considering they all contain CBD.


As the premier maker of cannabis candies, Kiva has been in the game for a hot minute when it comes to medical and recreational marijuana, however, their CBD chocolate bar has recently been making a splash in the up-and-coming industry as well. While it’s one of the few products on the list to contain THC, that’s also because Kiva believes in conducting a whole plant extract. A very pure, very potent chocolate bar (that also contains ginger root), the Kiva bar holds a level with the rest of their top-of-the-line products as there are no surprises on the quality here.

Sparkling CBD

For how much there’s been a rage behind LaCroix (and now, White Claw), it was expected to find the popularity of seltzer to enter the world of CBD as well. An early favorite of ours has been Sparkling CBD, which comes in a can of delicious, fizzy, broad-spectrum delight. Currently offering the flavors Cola, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Black Cherry, and Root Beer, their lineup of flavors hits the traditional soda fan while offering a much lighter, crisper drinking experience. As a rare product that hits its stride for both the soda/seltzer and CBD worlds, this is one product that could definitely start to bubble up in the near future.


Weller is a company that came out of the gate strong for their edible efforts, with their Coconut Bites becoming a top seller. Their flagship product comes in with the flavors original, caramel, and dark chocolate, which all come in dosages of 5mg per 25mg pack. Additionally, Weller has also entered the infused Sparkling Water industry as well, which comes in Black Cherry, Tangerine, and Watermelon, all of which look to be just as delightful as their Coconut Bites as well. Already known for producing delicious goods, expect Weller’s foundation in keeping things tasty to continue for years to come.

Centered Snacks

Hosting all broad-spectrum snacks out of Colorado, Centered Snacks has a solid amount of products to check out. Their current offerings include Lemon Bursts Hard Candy, Orange Gummy Hearts, and Organic Fruity Gummy Hearts, which all boast both great flavor as well as a strong dosage of CBD. Our personal favorite was the organic Fruit Gummies, which definitely pack a powerful punch, but is still a great option for a wide range of CBD users.


A vegan, organic raw option from the list GoodBites delivers on exactly as its namesake says. Coming in with three flavors which include Raw Cookie Dough, Coconut Brownie, and Coconut Macaroon, their dosages come in 10mg and 25mg bags. Our personal favorite is the Raw Cookie Dough because not only is it one of the most savory snacks on the list, but it enables us to eat the flavor and texture of raw dough without the guilt.

As for the other flavor profiles, the Coconut Brownie and Coconut Macaroon definitely come in with something special for your palette, as well as showcase a great, soft chew for density. Past the texture, for GoodBite, it’s not just about what you feel physically in each bit, but offering an honest product you feel good about eating, which they’ve perfected in every single offering.

Fixx Snacks

Fixx Snacks is a snack company exclusively producing CBD infused foods and beverages. For their foods they currently have BBQ Corn Nuggets, Honey Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Gem Gummies, and Pepitas & Cranberries. As more traditional snack mix, these are perfect to chew while you’re on the go, at work, or even out and about on the weekend. As for the drinks, Fixx Snack is currently offering a Lemon Tea Matcha, which is an excellent treat to wash down with the rest. Give them a shot if you want something a little more traditional, but be careful not to overdo the dosage. 

Not Pot

With a name like Not Pot, the CBD company has a spunk to their personality that the gummies certainly match. As an all natural, vegan alternative, Not Pot is one of the best gummies on the list, and definitely pack a decent flavor too. Although their gummies might be the only thing the company offers, Not Pot knows how to do it well, utilizing a team of Israel researchers to perfect their recipe. A sleeper on the list, this brand has the potential to grow a cult following that could one day lead the industry.

Blue Ridge Hemp Co

Named after the famous Appalachian Mountain range, Blue Ridge Hemp Co certainly hasn’t peaked yet. Coming out with a wide range of superfoods, Blue Ridge Hemp Co currently offers Salted Caramel Truffles, An Alchemy Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Ghee, Dark Chocolate CBD Coconut Oil, CBD Ghee, CBD Coconut Oil, and Golden Spiced Ghee. A well-branded company that matches the ethos it puts out, their products pull from all natural and vegan sources, providing the best CBD experience for the price.

Earthshine Organics

A distributor to numerous other CBD products, Earthshine Organics is one of the only places you find such products as Jay’s Chips as well as some of the other junk food (and sweet) products above. With their own line of other goods as well, Earthshine Organics is an excellent curator of CBD treats and snacks alike, giving you a wide range of options to sink your teeth into.


While it makes no promises of eternal life, Livity Food’s Everbar is an excellent choice for your CBD edible. What separates it from the pack is its variety that all stay within the traditional, earthy tones, which includes the flavors Green Power, Almond Cranberry, Blueberry Cashew, and Cinnamon Ginger. Utilizing simple, all-natural ingredients, Livity Food’s Everbars definitely have a homemade feeling to them that you can’t escape and definitely is the perfect packer for a trip to the mountains.


One of our favorite suppliers of honey, Kultivate’s lineup of infused honeys utilizes full-spectrum CBD from Virginia honey. At 15mg per serving, this stuff packs a decent punch and is definitely a consideration to include within some of the foods you’re already cooking. Although their lineup is still in its infancy, Kultivate has already seen the success of Virginia honey trickle down to the CBD world, proving they’re ready to start bringing out more extensive offerings soon.


A traditional chocolate maker, LuLu’s offering of an 80mg and 20mg chocolate bar are one of the most delightful treats this list has. An impressively organic, vegan and raw creation, it also has some of the best chocolate on the list as well (containing 78 percent Cacao), which (as LuLu puts it) is made with love in California. Despite them being a ‘chocolate-first’ company, their CBD holds strong as well, making them one of the hidden gems of the list.

Just CBD

If you couldn’t already guess, Just CBD is about as straightforward as it comes. However, when it comes to their CBD edibles, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The company currently offers a few different options, which includes Jet Setter (their CBD multi-vitamin), Sugar-Free CBD gummies, protein bars, honey sticks, and dried fruit (which comes in apricot, kiwi, pineapple, and a fruit medley). With a wide variety of doses and quantities, Just CBD makes it easy to curate your CBD experience, and with some tasty treats lined up in their arsenal, this is an easy no-brainer for snacking.


Perhaps the only popcorn company on the list, Holisticorn offers on exactly what their namesake says: holistic corn. Aiming to have healthier snacking, Holisticorn’s popcorn uses a blend that includes turmeric, as well as vegan and all natural. For popcorn lovers everywhere looking to unwind with a movie, Holisticorn takes the process to a whole new level and is definitely one of the more creative (but well executed) products on the market today.

Sweet Janes

Sweet Janes is unapologetically a treat company, but one that serves the needs of an array of CBD users. They currently offer nonvegan snacks like Mini Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, as well as vegan snacks like Coconut Bliss Bars, Peanut Butter & Strawberry, Peanut Butter & Blueberry, Peanut Butter & Raspberry, Nut Clusters, and Almond Butter Cups. Yes, Sweet Jane is a CBD user’s dream when it comes to having a sweet snack, with a variety that had a lot of love put in their process.

Chronic Candy

One of the most interesting products on the CBD market has to be Chronic Candy’s Chocolate Nugz, which look like marijuana flowers…only as clumps of chocolate. With a soft, chewy texture, these are a marvel to not only look at but eat as well. As for Chronic Candy’s other offerings, they come correct with a mix of gummies, chocolate bars, and lollipops, holding their own when it comes to confectionaries. However, if you’re really looking for something out of the ordinary, their Chocolate Nugz will steal the show every time.

Luce Farm

Although their only edibles are a honey as well as Goat Milk Caramels, Luce Farm puts a lot of care into their process. As one of the more artisanal offerings, Luce Farm utilizes organic and all natural ingredients in combination with sound farming practices that they pride themselves on being environmentally friendly. Hailing from Vermont, this agricultural flagship is one of the more wholesome, down-to-earth operations on the list, where the quality definitely shines through.

Miss Mary Jane Edibles

Even if you’re not in love with Miss Mary Jane quite yet, their edibles might make you change your mind. Our favorite by far has been the cookies, which offers the simple, chewy chocolate chip treats we’ve known to grow and love. At 25mg per cookie, their four-pack is reliable to be a great day-to-day snack and is reasonably affordable as well. Additionally, Miss Mary Jane also offers a lineup of drink packets that include Tropical, Orange, Strawberry Lemonade, Orange, Strawberry, and Fruit Punch. A fun company, Miss Mary Jane has some excellent alternative edibles to try out.

Dr. Norm’s CBD Cookies

One of the only straight up cookie companies (as well as one of the only started by a doctor) on the list, Dr. Norm’s CBD Cookies are featured on several best edible lists. Coming in two primary flavors of chocolate chip or peanut butter, their cookies have a delightful texture and taste, as well as are vegan. A product that can be found at retailers like Whole Foods, these cookies have already started to go mainstream…and for good reason too, they’re absolutely delicious!

CBD n’ Things

Selling a simple lineup of candies, CBD n’Things offers Peach Rings, Blue Raspberry Puffs, Gummy Worms and Party Pack. As one of the best bargains on the list, CBD n’Things offers its bags currently for around $15 per 250mg. Give them a shot if you’re looking for an entry-level product that’s not too expensive but still rounds out to be a delicious addition to your routine.

CBD Infusionz

CBD Infusionz offers an awesome selection of candies for their edibles. Currently, they’re offering three all natural flavors (Gummy Bears, Fruit Slices, and Gummy Worms), as well as Berries, Blue Sours, Cherry Rings, Cherry Sours, Fruit Mixes, Grapefruit Sours, Neon Smiles, Hemp Spearmint, Red Fish, Razzleberries, Rainbow Sours, Watermelon Rings, Starfish, Sour Apples, and Sweet & Sour Bears. Yes, CBD Infusionz has the whole gamut when it comes to candy flavor, and with the option of adding melatonin, increasing your dosage, or even getting full spectrum or THC free, CBD Infusionz gives customers the ability to create their CBD experience to a T. As perhaps the most completely customizable experience out, these gummies give you a one-stop-shop for no matter how long you’ve been taking CBD.

Pure Hemp

An excellent product by a great team, Pure Hemp offers a wide range of CBD edibles to choose from, which include gummies, multivitamins, pops, syrups, and melatonin gummies. Priced at around $40 per 300mg these organic, vegan treats are some the industry absolutely loves. These are perhaps some of our favorite multivitamin choices, creating a smooth and flavorful product in every genre. Whether you’ve been taking CBD for quite awhile or recently got into the game, don’t sleep on the quality that Pure Hemp can possibly bring.

Made By Hemp

With a variety that includes gummies, chocolates, lemonade, and gum, Made By Hemp’s assortment of goods is some of the best in the business. As a company with a fair amount of notoriety in the CBD game, perhaps their strongest product has to be their CBD Chocolate, which comes in 60-120mg doses. Currently coming in the flavors of Raspberry & Cinnamon, Peanut Butter & Honey, Caramel Coconut Drizzle, and Peach Hazelnut, it’s clear that they put a lot of love into these flavor profiles, coming away with some truly artisanal chocolates. Utilizing primarily organic ingredients, Made By Hemp’s chocolate is an exceptional piece, with their other complimentary items holding strong as well.

Leif Goods

One of the highest-rated edible companies out, Leif Goods is the Cadillac of CBD confections. The brand first made waves with their artisanal chocolate bars, which includes Mint Hibiscus, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Salted Caramel, Coffee Crunch, New Mexican Chocolate, Double Chocolate, and a limited-edition Sesame Harissa.

As all of them are high-quality, organic bars, Leif also recently released Junk, which is their most recent lineup of new candies that includes chocolate-covered marshmallows and exploding rock candies (just like the ones from when you were a kid). It’s clear this is a company that cares quite a bit not only about their products but how they fit into being a niche within the CBD industry. And so far, their efforts might make some of their competitors think about turning a new leaf on their offerings soon too.

What are your favorite CBD edibles?

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