CBD expo comes to West Texas – CBS7 News

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) – West Texans had the chance to attend an expo to learn and experience the benefits of what some believe to be a controversial substance.

Organizers said pre-rolls, edibles and ointments are just a few ways users can take in the product.

Jordan McIlory has been using CBD oil for the past 3 years and said he has seen the benefits first hand and wants to help end the negative stigma surrounding the product.

“I think it is important because there is a stigma behind it, that it is a drug and that it is bad and it’s going to lead you into other things. The product can help with pain, inflammation relief, anxiety relief, is another big one and we have multiple different kinds of products that can provide that relief,” said McIlory.

Organizers said pre-rolls, edibles and ointments are just a few ways users can take in the product.

According to McIlory, CBD without THC is 100 percent legal in all 50 states. He said it can be used as a safe alternative to traditional medicine.

“In traditional pharmaceutical medicine, usually those pharmaceuticals have a long list of side effects. Where CBD and other cannabis products don’t have those side effects,” said McIlory.

Andrew Saldana the owner of Pure Thrive Essentials in Odessa said he started using CBD to help with his ongoing anxiety.

Saldana said his goal opening his CBD location was to help give information to the community about the many benefits that come along with taking the product.

“Taking CBD because it helps me relax and it calms me down. It relieves anxiety. Pain if I am dealing with some kind of pain,” said Saldana.

Saldana said, it brings him joy when he is able to see his customers feel some type of relief they never thought they would experience.

“Do your research. We always say to do your research. If you aren’t comfortable taking it than do the research, do your investigations, look up certain products and see how they benefit you. If it is something you feel like, hey I should try it. Then go ahead and try it,” said Saldana.

Organizers encourage anyone interested in learning more about the product to attend The Canna Trends and Expo.

Saldana said if anyone is interested in learning more about CBD and how the product can benefit them to stop by their location to learn more.

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