SPS bus drivers warned to use caution with CBD oil – KY3

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Public School bus drivers have been warned — CBD oils could man a failed drug test.

During their September safety meeting, bus drivers were reminded that any THC in their system would be a fail. It’s something that that local testing facilities say they are getting more questions about.

“We get asked a couple of times a week,” Angela Garrison from Tomo Drug Testing tells KY3.

CBD industry is largely unregulated, so users have no way to know what’s really in the products they’re buying. One study found nearly 70 percent were inconsistent with their labeling, including some with hidden THC.

THC is the same chemical found in marijuana.

“Currently there’s no way to know if that THC positive was from THC from Marijuana use or CBD oil that had higher levels of THC in it causing that drug test to be positive,” Garrison explains.

“I actually think it’s really wise that Springfield Public School District is taking the time to educate their bus drivers that,” Jamie Tillman the Owner of Canna Bliss tells KY3.

She emphasizes the importance of finding a reputable store to purchase CBD from. She recommends one that “does a certificate of analysis and know what’s in their product.”

Testing facilities say though the only way to be sure is to avoid them altogether.

“They need to weigh the factors. Is the results you’re getting from the CBD oil worth your career,” Rob Eagleburger the Owner of Missouri Onsite Testing explains to KY3.

Springfield Public School’s stance is simple: clean tests or no job.

“As you know, we’ve been in the midst of a school bus driver shortage,” Jonathan Shelden, Director of Transportation for Springfield Public schools tells KY3. “We have worked very hard to recruit and retain quality bus drivers. We want to be sure we don’t lose any bus drivers.”

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