Willie Nelson expands to CBD tea following coffee launch – BeverageDaily.com

Over the summer, Willie’s Remedy introduced green and black teas on its website, and is now growing the brand with three additional non-caffeinated flavors–hibiscus berry, chamomile and peppermint.

The company turned to tea after a successful coffee launch in February. Elizabeth Hogan, co-founder of Willie’s Remedy, told BeverageDaily that the coffee product sold out in the first week and has seen sales grow steadily over the last six months.

The coffee is roasted first before being infused with organic, full-spectrum hemp oil grown in Colorado, and the tea also blends with other herbs and flowers. The coffee is lighter, with a ratio of 1mg of CBD per 1g of coffee beans, while the tea has 2mg of CBD per 1g of tea leaves.

“Tea is a ritual with which people are already familiar. We know how tea works in our lives so adding a version with the benefits of hemp creates an approachable, understandable and shared occasion,”​ Hogan said.

The hemp used in Willie’s Remedy products is selected specifically for its flavor to incorporate a seamless taste. Hogan said the team chooses genetics that complement the flavor of the brewed beverages.
Each 3oz package of tea contains about 300mg of CBD, yielding about 15mg per cup. Hogan called this a flexible serving size for customers to find what works for them. The teas can be served hot or iced.

The black tea is a blend, including Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka which is woody and fruity with notes of molasses and pepper. Indian Assam tea leaves also add a malty and spicy flavor to the black tea, which is categorized as a classic English breakfast style.

In the green tea, Willie’s Remedy uses Chinese tea leaves sourced from the youngest tea trees producing the freshest and most vibrant green teas. After curling the leaves, the tea is brewed and has aromas of fresh cut grass and green wood, with notes of green pepper and citrus.

“CBD is trending, but the benefits of hemp are timeless. It’s a plant that’s part of our ecosystem and perfectly paired to support the endocannabinoid system present in all mammals,” ​Hogan said.

“Hemp has been eliminated from our food supply for generations, so re-introducing it may seem revolutionary for a few years. However, we believe the rational thinking that’s brought hemp back will prevail when it comes to permitting hemp as part of our food supply.”

The Willie’s Remedy coffee comes in whole bean or ground in Dark Roast, Medium Roast and Decaf. The company also sells a hemp oil tincture and a soothing balm, best used for massaging into sore muscles.

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