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Casper cares about your sleep. In fact, the company’s stated ambition is to become the all-encompassing “Nike of sleep,” expanding beyond beds and bedding to everything that can help you enjoy better zzz’s and enhance your overall health and wellness. “We’re always exploring new ways to improve across the entire sleep arc,” says Neil Parikh, cofounder and chief strategy officer at Casper. “We believe sleep is a key part of the wellness equation.”

In its latest project, Casper is hoping that if its memory-foam mattresses aren’t enough to lull you into dreamland, its new cannabidiol (CBD) gummies will be just the nudge you need to sail all the way through. A collaboration with Plus Products, which specializes in THC-free edibles (so there’s no chance of getting high off of these), the CBD gummies—called, aptly, Sleep—are also infused with melatonin, a hormone your body makes naturally to help you regulate your sleep cycles.

Melatonin supplements are popular for helping many people nod off easier. Combined with the relaxing effects of CBD—studies suggest the hemp-derived ingredient can help you fall (and stay!) asleep, according to a post by Harvard Medical School—and chamomile, these triple-whammy blackberry tea–flavored gummies could be exactly what you need on those nights when you just can’t wind down.

As part of its holistic approach, Casper also offers Glow, a nightstand lamp that both dims and brightens gradually, to simulate natural sunset and sunrise triggers. This is yet another strategy for training your body to get the best-quality sleep that it can. Moreover, Casper features a Sleep Resources section with articles on the best yoga poses and sleeping positions, tips for snoozing on a plane, relaxing podcasts, and more.

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