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WELLINGTON, Fla. (WPTV/CNN) – A dad said he only puffed on a vape for two seconds before losing consciousness at a restaurant hours later.

Shawn Parton inhaled what he thought was a harmless CBD oil vape cartridge, but hours later, he lost consciousness at a restaurant. (Source: WPTV, Shawn Parton via CNN)

His 3-year-old daughter watched the entire thing happen.

Shawn Parton said it started when he had an anxiety attack at work and couldn’t get to his CBD cartridge at home, so he asked a coworker to buy him one.

He thought the cartridge that coworker brought back was filled with THC-free CBD oil, which is legal. He said nothing looked strange or out of the ordinary with the cartridge.

But now he and his wife worry the cartridge was defective.

Hours later at a restaurant, he was calling 911 from the bathroom floor: A call he doesn’t remember making.

His little girl, Layla, can be heard screaming in the background of the call as she saw her father unconscious.

He was hospitalized for seizures and can’t drive a car for six months.

A CBD shop owner nearby said while synthetics are out there, he couldn’t say for sure what was inside Parton’s cartridge.

„You can buy empty cartridges from a company, and at that point fill it up with your own oil, and pass that off as that company’s brand,” said Jonathan Gary, owner of Earth Florida, a CBD shop.

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