Mother of Kenosha brothers in vaping operation arrested, faces felony charges, sheriff’s officials say – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The mother of two Kenosha brothers charged in September with running a massive counterfeit THC vaping operation was arrested Monday. Courtney Huffhines, a longtime real estate agent, was booked in the Kenosha County Jail about 3:30 p.m., records show.

Huffhines is expected to be charged with three felony counts in connection with the operation that law enforcement said was churning out as many as 5,000 THC vape cartridges every day. 

That operation was allegedly run out of a Bristol condominium that one of the brothers, Tyler Huffhines, said was managed by his mother, according to the criminal complaint against him.

„Tyler stated that he told his mother that he was leasing the condo for a friend,” the complaint says.

According to Kenosha County jail records, Huffhines, 43, is facing charges of possession as well as manufacturing or delivering THC in amounts greater than 10,000 grams or 201 plants. In addition, she is expected to be charged with misappropriation of personal identifying information. 

Huffhines’ sons, Tyler, 20, and his brother Jacob, 23, had been living with her and their grandfather in Paddock Lake before being arrested last month.

Tyler Huffhines is accused of manufacturing and selling thousands of vape cartridges filled with THC oil and labeled with fake packaging. Jacob Huffhines had a previous drug-related conviction and was charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon.

At the Paddock Lake home, investigators seized about $59,000, eight guns, nine cellphones, marijuana, cocaine and drug paraphernalia.  

In Bristol, at the condo where the operation was run, investigators seized about 31,200 vape cartridges filled with THC, about 98,000 empty vape cartridges, 57 mason jars filled with THC oil, three money counting machines, thousands of empty vape cartridge boxes and packaging, and drug paraphernalia.

Police credit parents of a Waukesha teen for coming forth after discovering their son had a cartridge filled with THC oil. They wanted to hold him accountable and help others, police said.

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