Celeb-beloved CBD foot cream isn’t a miracle — but it helps – New York Post

There was a time when I wore heels constantly. I loved the way they lifted me up and elongated my stride, and no pinch, twinge or pang was going to stop me.

But that was then. Now, as a working mom who is frequently chasing after a wild toddler, I’ve developed new respect, and compassion, for my feet.

So I was intrigued when I heard that Lord Jones, the repository for chic CBD-infused beauty products, was releasing its new Stiletto Cream. Developed in collaboration with footwear doyenne Tamara Mellon, the $70 product promises to ease the pain of prancing around in impractical shoes.

It’s already being embraced by celeb stylists, with Kate Young (who works with Michelle Williams and Sophie Turner) and Nicole Chavez (who styles Kristen Bell) both calling it out on Instagram before the Emmys. Celebrities including Naomi Watts and Amy Sedaris heaped on the praise as well.

Hey — if it’s good enough for the red carpet, it’s good enough for me.

To test it out, I decided to wear my favorite matte black platform pumps — normal-chic with a side of plantar fasciitis — to work.

I started my day by massaging a dollop of fancy-looking lotion onto each foot. It smelled zesty, like peppermint, which surprised me; was I expecting eau de bongwater?

After rubbing it in, I instinctively rushed to wash my hands, as if the CBD might make them go stoner-limp on contact.

Then I set out for the subway with a smile on my face, and my heels tucked safely in my purse (I know, I know, but even with the help of fancy pot-laced foot cream, I’m not about to commute in 3 ½-inch pumps).

Standing on the M-train, I noticed that my feet felt tingly and relaxed.

Maybe it was just the Birkenstocks.

When I got to the office, I made the classic high-heel swap under my desk at work and voila! My ensemble looked — and felt — fantastic. For a few hours, I wondered if perhaps Lord Jones had pulled off a miracle. What other vertiginous shoes could I rescue from deep storage?

Then, amid visions of spindly stilettos, the pain set in.

I felt that familiar ache in my arches. I became irritatingly aware of my toes. I started to wonder if switching back to my sandals — a tantalizing thought — would be cheating.

It would be, I decided. Instead, I opted for a double dose.

I slathered on some more fancy foot cream in the office bathroom, silently praying no one would walk in and catch me mid rub-down. Then, I popped my heels back on and walked back to my desk. And I’ll admit that I noticed a difference — the ache I felt on the way to the bathroom was actually dulled.

This, in itself, is a feat. But it got me thinking: does it make sense to invest in $70 numbing lotion instead of, say, better — and more practical — shoes?

Isn’t pain an important warning sign? If the dogs are barking, shouldn’t we listen to them?

The next day, I tucked my tube of Lord Jones in a drawer and went back to my usual medium-heeled ankle boots. At this point in my life, I want to be comfortable, not hobbled.

Still, I like knowing the CBD cream is there, for the next time a bout of shoe-lust comes over me.

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