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Jonathan Adler

I’ve often wondered why people who don’t have children, are required to leave the dispensary with their marijuana flower in a single-use, vacuum-sealed plastic pouch, inside of another childproof plastic dispensary bag, when you can leave a drug store with opioids in an open plastic shopping bag—assuming when you get home, the meds will go in the medicine cabinet. What about your plant medicine? Where does one put it? For people who do not like their bathroom to smell like the dead-giveaway scent of pine cones, I advise them to keep their medical marijuana in a stash jar.

Even if you don’t have to hide your ganja to keep it out of reach of children, because you either don’t have children, or have kids visiting your home often enough to require keeping things perpetually out of their sight or grasp, having a stash jar is still a good idea.

Keeping marijuana in reach, in the kitchen, alongside various countertop accouterments and other herbs and spices, is a favorite “hidden in plain sight,” location. If you like to cook, keeping cannabis in the kitchen is handy to infuse edibles. My kitchen is my happy place. The decor is mostly optic white and my herb jar sits right next to my matching avocado green Levo oil infuser, which adds a cheeky pop of color.

My cannabis container has taken many forms over the years. In college, there was a clear glass jar with a High Times logo on it, back when I was young enough to want to show off my weed. The container was a gift from the former Associate Publisher of HT. Having enough beautiful buds to fill a bell jar was certified baller status.

jonathan adler mykonos cannister

Jonathan Adler

Now that I am older, I like to keep it classy and discreet. My herb is in an elegant Jonathan Adler’s Greek-themed Mykonos canister. Adler’s festive container is the perfect, covetable stash jar. Unlike his kitschier items like circus-tent-styled jars emblazoned with the word „Weed,” this particular low-key classy (let’s face it, we’re not talking Meissen porcelain here), but whimsical, affordable-luxury, high-fired porcelain jar has 24-kt gold luster detail, without being overtly tacky. The external details are a three-dimensional trompe l’oeil.

The celadon green color is self-referential —a green jar holding green herbs. The gold, interlocking design will spark your imagination of Summer travel in Mykonos, as the name implies.

The jar also reminds me of a funny Mel Brooks movie, History of the World Part One. In that movie (spoiler alert) Gregory Hines is being pursued by an army. To thwart his enemies, he sets an enormous joint alight. The pursuing army gets so stoned from a contact high, they are no longer engaging in capturing him. The thought of characters vanquishing their enemies with the power of pot is hilarious.

With all the effort being spent these days to try to scrub the plant’s fun image, to make it seem more medicinal (who says it can’t be both?) keeping your trees in a funky, designed-for-display, countertop jar, than in a cold medicine cabinet is appropriate.

Jonathan Adler’s stash jar represents happy memories, solidified into one tangible object. Pottery is Adler’s first love. Objets d’art and herb are probably mine.


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