Inside America’s first cannabis cafe – The Australian Financial Review

„Each day we will smell and taste the strains of the cannabis and offer pairings, much as you would do with wine pairings,” said chef Andrea Drummer.

A hamburger plate at the Lowell Cafe. Bloomberg

Californians have been enjoying cannabis-infused food in private homes and at dinner parties since the state began allowing sales of recreational cannabis in January last year.

But Lowell Cafe is the first to open of eight cafes or restaurants that were awarded licences by West Hollywood for public consumption, and the first in the United States.

The restaurant is aimed beyond Hollywood A-listers.

New Yorker Joy Alison Cohen, who was among the first customers, called the opening a „historic event”.

„I’ve had to fly to Amsterdam to experience this,” she said. „No more. We have better pot now too, so it is awesome.

„We have families that are excited to come in and share it with their relatives and their grandparents. We have people that have reached out from Russia, Tokyo, Italy who want to plan their vacations to come here specifically for the cafe,” said Brady.


The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor dining space and a high-tech air filtration system that managers say will scrub out the smoke and ensure that no diners go home high for free.

„They won’t feel like they are walking into a Korean barbecue or a funny stoner comedy,” said Brady.

A customer smokes marijuana at the Lowell Cafe. Bloomberg


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