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Monday, October 7, 2019 | 6:01 AM

When Holly Teegarden started using CBD, or cannabidiol, to combat her anxiety, she felt a natural calm that she didn’t know before.

Through online research, she became knowledgeable about the products and began telling all of her friends to try what she said is a life-changing treatment.

She wanted to help them, too.

“My dream is just to be able to help people,” said Teegarden, 47, of Leet. That’s why she and other moms in the area launched the Quaker Valley Special Education Parent Networking Group and why she shared her story about her daughter’s journey with autism in a book, “It’s Going to be AUlright.”

“I love helping people,” she said.

Then it came to her: She could open a store in the Sewickley area where she could hand-select all of the best essential oils and CBD products to sell locally to the community.

Thus the idea for Pittsburgh House of Oils was born. The shop opened in the Nickelodeon Mall about a month ago.

The spa-like atmosphere, with calming melodies and hints of wild orange, cloves and cinnamon wafting through the air, is meant to be inviting for all, even down to the family pet.

Alex Graham, 46, of Sewickley, who says she can’t sleep without CBD oils, was excited to see the selection when she stopped by recently with a neighbor and their pet.

“I’m so excited. We can get it here now,” said Graham, a 44-year resident of Sewickley.

Teegarden, a digital marketing consultant, was ready to go into business for herself because she saw a need.

Through online classes, she developed an understanding of CBD and now teaches classes in her shop to help people understand the basics.

There’s a common misconception that she hears about CBD. Even her mom exclaimed, ‘Oh my God, you’re selling marijuana,’ ” she said.

Teegarden explained that cannabis is a species and that marijuana is a plant and hemp is a separate plant. The CBD products she’s selling are derived from the hemp plant.

CBD has been studied for its effectiveness in easing symptoms of health issues including anxiety, depression, heart disease and for easing pain.

Many health care professionals believe that more studies are needed to determine whether CBD is beneficial. The Mayo Clinic advises people to consult their physician before taking CBD.

CBD shops are popping up all across the region. A Your CBD Store recently opened in the Sewickley area.

Teegarden says what sets her shop apart is that she hand-selects the products from various manufacturers, based on what her research has found to be the best products available, along with what people in the area want. She also focuses on Pittsburgh-made products.

Inside the shop, all essential oils can be found inside a wooden structured house. CBD products are scattered throughout the rest of the store.

She sells everything from CBD infused coffee to CBD skincare lines. She carries the Mary’s Nutritionals line for people with aches and pains.

During her first week, a woman suffering from pain from her cancer treatments stopped in for the products. Her friend came back another day to get more — driving 45 minutes — because the products were helping the woman so much.

“That’s the why,” she said. “It’s amazing that we’re able to provide it for people.”

Education is important because some products contain THC, while others don’t, she said. It’s important for people to know that before taking it home.

Teegarden has a chart to help people understand the dosage they should be taking. There’s even a dog house and treats so they give CBD to their pets.

One woman came into the shop looking for help with her dog, who doesn’t do well on walks. She purchased an oil and the next day, posted on social media with emoji tears because she was able to walk her dog around the community.

Teegarden stocks products that she knows parents of children with autism use, from Charlotte’s Web to Lazarus Naturals. She doesn’t want them to have to drive far or order online, where sometimes companies don’t accept credit cards.

“For me, it’s for people to not be scared,” she said. “To come in and be able to ask questions.”

Pittsburgh House of Oils is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Classes and consultations are held on Mondays. More information can be found at facebook.com/pghhouseofoils.

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