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Vending machine

Cannabis Vending Machine

Photo courtesy: goodbrands

I’m charmed by goodbrands, you may not know about them yet, but if you live in California it’s pretty simple, I want you to find them and smoke them.

Wandering around the Hall of Flowers this year, I found their vending machine irresistible. How many vending machines take quarters for beautifully packaged pre-rolled joints that are more than just good?


vending machine

Photo Courtesy: goodbrands

But first, how does a pre-rolled cannabis joint take the imbiber there? Cannabis has many colors, indoor and outdoor grown, soil, hydroponic, and then there is the biodynamic and organic crowd. All are doing their best to get your attention and your hard earned dollars. There is also a huge market out there looking for inexpensive, but still very good stuff and goodbrands has succeeded in this regard. I didn’t know what to expect when I discovered goodbrands. Perhaps it was their marketing with their unique vending machine, or the easy going salesforce who really love their place in life. Whatever the case may be, I like goodbrands because they are better than just good and that is really good for the consumer. Why? Because they don’t cost too much for a really gracious experience. There are many luxury brands in California with some raising the bar even higher by putting their financial goals directly into their print journalism. Expensive weed for sure, but does it mean good? If you are like me, it’s important to spend a bit less and still get the really good. Does that make sense? I hope so. Cheers to goodbrands, they caught my attention for growing good stuff.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Why goodbrands? What is the inspiration behind it?

 goodbrands: In 2018, Canndescent became California’s #1-selling brand of luxury flower products. We launched goodbrands the same year in order to vertically integrate and deliver premium-quality, natural cannabis to an even wider demographic of consumers. 

goodbrands is the official cannabis of good times and natural living, designed for those who want quality products at a competitive price point. We grow the best varieties under the California sun using sustainable practices, fair wages, pure water, and no pesticides. Simply put, we are good people who provide good weed. Our products are sold at local dispensaries throughout the state of California and we are currently working to expand into new markets.

WB: At Hall of Flowers I saw and utilized your antique vending machine, great job. What was your inspiration behind this piece of working artwork in the booth? (I thought it to be brilliant.)

goodbrands: We wanted to engage people in a fun, interactive way to deliver a user experience that would be memorable. It’s good to hear it did what we intended it to do. Pretty wild to think we made it possible to purchase (high quality) cannabis out of a vending machine.

 WB: How did you determine the strains? What is the feeling that you seek?

 goodbrands: All goodbrands products are approachable to the novice user but still evoke a feeling of familiarity with the experienced consumer. Our sativa-dominant strain energy & motivation helps you get fired up, feel good and power through your day by naturally bringing out your best. We also offer three different hybrid strains. If you want to amp up interactions by being more upbeat and chatty, we encourage you to try our socializing & intimacy hybrid; the focus & inspiration hybrid will help you hone in on finishing a big project; and the leisure & relaxation hybrid will help you wind down into a more relaxed state after a long day. Finally, our indica-dominant effect rest & relief helps dial down energy to help you sleep better. 

WB: What is the price point in the dispensary? Is this competitive in this genre? Is it in competition to your other pre-rolls?

 goodbrands: We think of goodbrands as an affordable, high-quality alternative to our more premium positioned Canndescent brand.

goodbrands offers 1/8th oz. whole flower; individual pre-roll joints; full spectrum vape cartridges; and cannabis infused mints in three CBD to THC ratios. goodbrands products are competitively priced and range from $10 pre-rolls to $30 1/8th oz. flower. Comparably, Canndescent pre-rolls and 1/8th flower retail for $20 and $50 respectively. 

 goodbrands is available in licensed, California dispensaries and via MedMen delivery. 

 WB: I love the packaging of goodbrands. Also the name. The cannabis is brightly aromatic and packs a serious stone, great job. What is your demographic for goodbrands? 

goodbrands: goodbrands is targeted to the millennial-focused demographic and those who embody a “go with the flow” mindset. These consumers want simple choices — they are easy-going and have a carefree attitude. 

Thank you! wb

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