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Bill Turnbull wants to overcome his cancer with CBD and Cannabis

Bill Turnbull was recently found video documenting a breach of law and that is related to CBD. The former BBC Breakfast news presenter was caught in a film in which he was seen experimenting with new concoctions to find that perfect treatment for prostate cancer. The 63-year-old has made a mixture of cannabis oil during Channel 4’s Bill Turnbull: Staying alive which contained CBD but with the THC Compound which is illegal. 

The film also captures his sacrifice of meat and his transition into a complete teetotaler. His feeling of positivity and radiance was visible in the film. He also said that he is doing his best to understand how cancer is stabilized and it is quite possible that even a cure could come out of his experiments.

CBD has taken the market by storm. Almost everyone in the country now loves it, hates it or is curious to know about it. CBD or cannabidiol is a hemp-extracted substance which has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is different from marijuana in the sense that it has THC levels less than 0.3% which is what the legal limit also is. Marijuana’s THC levels are very high and are included in the controlled substances in many countries. When the user smokes pot or weed he or she gets addicted to the substance and gets a high which the user gets used to.

After Bill’s experience and contact with people, he is appealing to the government to pour in more funds to conduct proper research on cannabis. It is high time that cannabis with a lower THC level is now included in the medical field without bias. It is the right time to understand what benefits cannabis brings to the table. It has a lot of medicinal benefits which needs to be brought in the forefront. 

Bill also informed that cannabis is legal in 20 countries. These countries would have seen some benefits in it why they have made it legal are. He then questions the government’s decision to hold back on legalizing CBD and cannabis in the truest form. 

CBD and cannabis is not something new because it has around for more than 1000 years but its illegality has only been here for a century. The opportunity cost of letting something stay illegal and in the background could be high because by hiding it, people are bereft of several benefits which they can enjoy. 

A lot of importance in the last two years is being given to CBD because of the amazing benefits people have experienced. CBD infused drugs has been credited for treating seizures and easing the symptoms of epilepsy and cancer. It is also regarded as the miracle drug because it has been helpful for Arthritis patients. People taking time to recover from accidents also have felt that they have recovered faster than usual. Sports professionals also have resorted to CBD for muscle soreness and pain management. The versatile substance has helped emotionally stressed patients to feel happier about their existence. 

Bill was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and was going through chemotherapy sessions. He is now adamant that he can fight the disease with other alternative methods available. His trigger to use cannabis was after he witnessed the astounding resurgence and recovery of a 14-year-old cancer patient Deryn Blackwell. His recovery was due to cannabis oil which he took for pain relief.

Bill also visits Cannabis grower Jeff Ditchfield who has been growing cannabis and also giving it to people who need it for medical reasons. Jeff had been arrested for about 20 times for his service.

Jeff also gave his share of warning to Bill about the usage of CBD which is illegal under the misuse of drugs act, but Bill informed him that it is only for medicinal reasons that CBD is used. Bill highlighted that when such a beneficial substance is made illegal, it is very difficult for the user to understand how much he has to take. The benefits and the ban are in actuality conflicting forces and needs to be corrected. Bill believes that many people are in the dark due to this, yet the situation remains the same. 

Bill currently has stopped taking THC but is continuing with CBD. He wants to give a little break to things and remain to put until some new guidance dawns up. His Prostate-specific antigen levels are increasing by the day yet he seems better than before. He has given up drinking and also intends to embrace laughter therapy to keep things on the brighter side. He believes that one has to put a hold on how things are going rather than the thing taking you down. 

In the film, his wife and three children also appear and he is happy that he has a family which shows him support at this stage. 

Currently, his focus is to rid himself of this disease. He wants to get treated and will continue experimenting until he gets what he wants.

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