Minnesota Veterans for Cannabis in Austin – KAAL

„We have veterans and even general public that have an injury and would get started on opioids and then they would continue taking those long after the acute pain was gone,” Sankey said.

„My girlfriend Shirley, she’s got arthritis real bad and her brothers got tremors. They’ve been taking the drops and they swear by it. If that’s what’s going to help us, let’s do it,” said attendee Mark Fieseler.

In addition to the comfort, cannabis has brought to Mark Fieseler’s family, he says he’s also attending Tuesday’s meeting to look at business prospects.

„They say this is going to be the gold rush, going to be the next billion-dollar crop, so we’re just trying to get on the right avenue and make sure we go down the right street,” Fieseler said.

Those at the public meeting were in favor of legalizing marijuana in the state, but they also addressed their concerns with the room.

„Once it’s legalized, what is happening with people as far as drug testing for jobs?” asked one attendee.

Many people took the chance to share emotional personal stories of how marijuana has helped them not depend on other medications. Others took the opportunity to express their frustrations.

„When are we going to have legalization instead of shoving us down in a hole? We’re good people. All of us in this room are good people, but they make us feel like criminals,” said one attendee.

Whether you are for or against legalizing marijuana, advocates say you should talk with your lawmakers, if you want to see change.

„Tell them what you’re talking about, tell them how it helps you,” mentioned another attendee.

The Minnesota Veterans for Cannabis have also been working with some lawmakers in Iowa to add PTSD as a qualifying condition for Iowa’s medical cannabis program.

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