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This article is brought to you by Direct CBD Online, curating CBD’s most exclusive brands in one easy-to-find place.

Attracting the nation’s most exclusive CBD brands isn’t an easy feat, but it’s one that Direct CBD Online has made the cornerstone of their business. With more than 80 different CBD brands for customers to choose from, Direct CBD Online is committed to keeping its clientele stay aware of all the latest CBD trends and products. And it doesn’t stop there.

CBD products for the whole household

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A thriving CBD hub is nothing without the love of their customers. When they started, the team at Direct CBD Online knew they’d have to pay close attention to where the demand for CBD was coming from.

“One thing we’ve learned about our customers is that they need CBD for diverse reasons. For example, when we first started, we thought that people 40 and over were going to be our main consumers because they are more mature and focused on holistic wellness, but we quickly saw that people of many ages want CBD,” says John Wiesehan III, CEO of Direct CBD Online. “Lots of our customers in their 20s and 30s are interested in CBD for potential mood benefits. We’ve seen a spike in athletes that want to try to address joint pain and daily wellness, too.”

With so many brands to choose from, customers can shop for themselves or their loved ones. This is because the Direct CBD Online marketplace represents a unique opportunity where multiple brands in multiple formats can all coexist in one place.

The scale of their product inventory saves customers’ time and connects them to CBD for their whole household, including partners, pets, elderly parents, and more.

An exclusive CBD brand experience online

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While the main focus of their business is providing a wide selection of CBD products, the team at Direct CBD Online knows the exclusive brands they carry also require premier customer service. This high level of service is exemplified by the site’s safety measures and order fulfillment process.

“Maintaining a platform of safe brands is important to us. It means that we have to pay attention to the news and the market as a whole, but it’s worth it. If there’s a brand with poor safety practices or one that’s receiving negative press, especially from the medical community, we remove them from our marketplace immediately. It’s our responsibility, but we’re happy to do it to make sure everyone stays happy and healthy,” John says.

Regardless of what brand or brands a customer chooses, Direct CBD Online makes sure to provide exclusive customer service treatment. One way the site does this is by eliminating the delivery middleman and tracking CBD orders from the moment a customer clicks “buy” online to the moment they say “hi” to their delivery in-person.

Customers who shop on Direct CBD Online receive their orders in 4-7 days with options for free and expedited shipping – a speediness that makes all the difference for anyone who has immediate CBD needs.

“Stocking everything in our own warehouse allows us to move quickly and get CBD products to our customers in 4-7 days. When someone counts on CBD for their daily routine or is really eager to try CBD, it is important to get our products into customers’ hands and control the level of customer experience they get with it,” says John.

Rewarding CBD exploration and discovery

(Courtesy of Direct CBD Online)

A daily CBD routine is an investment, so Direct CBD Online does its best to make sure customers feel rewarded even after they receive their products. The site’s rewards program is extensive, providing points that translate into real dollars. Customers can earn points by liking and following Direct CBD Online social media, leaving reviews, and creating an account on their website.

It’s the quintessential way to meet CBD consumers where they are.

“With everything we do, we want to make the CBD experience better and more engaging for our customers,” John says. “Engaging with them is like the icing on the cake to their customer experience, then we can improve our business on their behalf, and continue to earn their loyalty with every purchase.”


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