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Are you a writer who knows more than the average Smokey the Bear about cannabis? Do you crave the limelight and are ready to make your friends green with envy because you get paid for writing about weed? Phoenix New Times has an opportunity for you.

New Times, the almost-50-year-old alternative weekly in the Valley with a strong online presence, is currently seeking a cannabis freelancer who would submit two articles each week on a range of related topics.

You know there’s going to be a catch — there are two, actually. The first is that some journalism experience,  college or pro, is required, including a working knowledge of journalism law and ethics. The second catch is that you should not have any direct connections to the cannabis industry.

We have high expectations (duh). We need someone who would find and report accurate information in a complex beat, then take what they’ve learned and use it to give the public concise articles that appeal to everyone from the hardcore morning dabbers to highbrow terpene sommeliers, and from pot company CEOs to casual news readers.

As a freelancer, you would write about everything under the halide lamp when it comes to cannabis: notable and interesting people in the biz, style trends, new products, law, business, health, science, etc. The ideal candidate could write about a business contract gone south or an upcoming election, then in the same week produce a style story on cannabis-themed Christmas parties. Freelancers must be prepared to pitch their own short-form story ideas (and take photos) and be open to assignments from editors.

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You don’t need a medical marijuana card to do the job, but it would help: We’d like the candidate to know what local dispensaries look like on the inside, and what the shops are selling. Depending on your journalism experience, you’ll still be considered regardless of personal participation in the product. Also, we would consider a request to use a nom de plume for the articles.

One of your articles would appear in print each week; both would appear online. Payment will be discussed with qualified candidates.

Interested? Please e-mail a short cover letter, a resume, links to published articles, a few story ideas, and areas of interest to 

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