Exclusive: Honest Marijuana Co. Brings THC-O-Acetate To Market – Yahoo Finance

The new products will be made using Honest Marijuana Company’s patented Nanobidiol technology.

What’s THC-O-Acetate?

THC-O-Acetate is a prodrug version of the cannabinoid THC, that needs to be deacetylated by enzymes in the body before the THC becomes active enough for users to feel the effects.

Making water soluble THC-O-Acetate in a nano-size format allows producers of cannabis products such as mints, gummies and effervescent pills, among others, to deliver optimal levels of THC for therapeutic uses. For consumers, this means a clean, efficient and discrete form of cannabis consumption with a view to reducing anxiety, improving relaxation and sleep and maintaining a clear mind.

“THC-O-Acetate will be a life changing opportunity for those experiencing anxiety and sleep issues,” Serge Chistov, financial partner at Honest Marijuana, told Benzinga.

„It seems to have a slightly different therapeutic effect towards anti-anxiety, calming and sleep-enhancing functionality. „THC-O allows incorporation of that oil into the vast range of potential applications. The new era THC-O is the Nano THC-O, formulated to be water soluble, bioavailable and can be used in both cold and hot liquids. The possibilities for use are limitless.”

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