Nebraska troopers find hundreds of THC products in MN man’s car – Bring Me The News

The Sleepy Eye man was hauling marijuana, THC wax and more.

A man from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, has been arrested in Nebraska after troopers found hundreds of marijuana products in his car. 

On Wednesday, a trooper stopped Anthony Kolbe, 30, for speeding and a K-9 detected a controlled substance in the vehicle, according to the Nebraska State Patrol

The trooper searched the vehicle and found four pounds of marijuana and hundreds of packages of THC products, including 386 containers of THC wax and 144 packages of THC shatter—two highly concentrated marijuana extracts—62 THC vape cartridges, and 39 containers of THC edibles and liquid products.

Kolbe has been arrested and held in Custer County Jail in Nebraska. 

What exactly is THC wax and shatter?

THC wax is made by extracting THC—the psychoactive element in marijuana—out of the plant using butane. 

When the butane evaporates, it leaves behind an ultra-concentrated THC wax with THC levels ranging from 30 to over 90 percent. Keep in mind, regular marijuana has THC levels around 15 percent. 

THC shatter is made in a similar process, but the end product is hard and glass-like instead of waxy. 

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