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Still wondering what to get that loved one for Christmas ? What better way to treat the one you love with a Christmas hamper full of cannabis products.

And it’s not just any cannabis products, these ones are apparently even stronger than the usual offerings, as unlike many brands that sell processed CBD products, this one uses the whole cannabis plant to extract their canniboids.

That means that every product contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, the chemical compounds found in the plant, including both CBD and its most powerful, raw form: CBDa.

Made by Body and Mind Botanicals, the brand claims that these different cannabinoids work together in an ‘entourage effect’ to deliver the maximum health and wellbeing benefits, although as usual, they won’t get you high.

This is what you get in the hamper

Setting you back £35, each Body and Mind Botanicals hamper arrives with next day delivery, and contains three different CBD products, as well as a mug.


The full CBD hamper includes:

  • 1 x Body and Mind Botanicals Organic Cannabis Tea (10 teabags/15g)
  • 1 x Body and Mind Botanicals Organic Cannabis & Peppermint Tea (10 teabags/20g)
  • 1 x Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Bath Bomb infused with cold-press cannabis oil
  • 1 x Body and Mind Botanicals Mug

As per usual though, it won’t get you high

What is CBD?

Despite cannabis itself being an illegal drug, cannabis oil, also known as cannabidiol (CBD) is legal to buy in the UK.

A low-concentrate oil with a number of suggested health benefits (such as promoting sleep, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, increasing appetite and also being anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic), unlike cannabis, CBD won’t get you high or impair your thought processes.

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Just like CBD and other cannabinoids, CBDa is also believed to sustain antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory traits, as well as reducing nausea and vomiting.

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