Potential Eleven New Cannabis Dispensaries Coming to Chicago’s West and Southwest Zones. – The Real Chi

In the West district Acreage Holding LLC, Dispensary 33, Herbal Care Center, 3C Compassionate Care Center, New Moon Chicago and Windy City Chi will operate recreational cannabis dispensaries. 

In the Southwest district New Age Care, EarthMed LLC, Greenhouse Group, Clinic Manaline and Seven Point will operate dispensaries after Jan. 1. 

None of the businesses who won the lottery for licenses in the West and Southwest districts were available for comment.  

Medical marijuana dispensaries already established throughout the city will be allowed to sell recreational marijuana if they met all city requirements at the start of 2020. Requirements include: notifying businesses within 250 ft. from their property and filling the correct paperwork with the Zoning Board of Appeals. There is one existing medical dispensary in the West district and two in the Southwest district. 

According to sources, the cap of seven licenses per district might be raised to 14 licenses per district come May 1, 2020. 

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