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Ah, the holidays. We love them until about an hour in to Thanksgiving dinner. That’s the strategic point at which Aunt Becky gets a little too drunk, and the next thing you know the baby is crying while the men do their best to slip out unnoticed. Many of us nobly accepted this as our lots in life…until the cannabis revolution came around. 

Advances in cannabis legislation and technology mean that we don’t have to endure quite so much around the holidays these days. We have vaporizers, edibles, infused drinks and even topicals to soothe and comfort us now, and we’re better for it. 

Many enterprising brands, however, will try and capitalize on this by selling you something that looks cool but is cheaply made to maximize profit. That’s why I present to you the Forbes holiday gift guide: the best cannabis vaporizers edition. Each model here is thoroughly researched and tested so you know you’re getting the creme de la creme of the crop. Check out my picks below.

Hydrology9 Vaporizer

I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did, but boy oh boy does this deliver. The Hydrology9 is what you get when you elegantly fuse together a lava lamp and a bong. The body of the vaporizer houses a chamber inside you fill up with water. This setup cools the vapor as it travels through. Open the top (the cap is magnetic), take a hit and delight in the extra cool, incredibly flavorful vapor that follows. It’s remarkably portable compared to most glassware and you can also indulge in other options like a light up Party Mode that’s great for, you guessed it, parties.

Cloudious9 Vaporizer

Photo credit: Cloudious9

Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH

This is the gift you can get hardcore vape enthusiasts if you want to make them weep with joy. 

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a vaporizer that’s compatible with flower and concentrates. The first thing you’ll notice about it is the craftsmanship that goes into its design. An ergonomic, portable body is coupled with a glass percolator attachment for velvety smooth vapor. The glass loading tool, too, is clean and easy to load and re-use. And let’s not forget the advanced tech of the device itself. You can choose from up to 26 different heat settings, “train” your device to your liking and get 150 uses on a single charge. 

Dr. Dabber

Photo credit: Dr. Dabber

Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer has been dubbed “The New King Of Herb Vaping” and I can see why. It’s almost universally adored by everyone who gets their hands on it.

The body of the vaporizer is made of aerospace aluminum and is portable enough to fit in your hand. It features a generously sized 0.5 gram chamber so you don’t have to constantly reload it. The mouthpiece is pyrex glass. A LED screen displays the temperature which goes up to a surprisingly high 464F. You can also attach a bubbler to it, which means you can ring in the holidays with plenty of thick, smooth vapor clouds.

The Crafty+

The Crafty+ is the smaller brother of The Mighty, and since both are produced by legendary vaporizer manufacturer Storz & Bickel you know you’re in for a quality experience. In this case that means being able to utilize the power of a desktop vaporizer in a much smaller, infinitely more portable device. The combination of convection and conduction heating ensures your herb is heated through evenly, resulting in flavorful, thick clouds. Download the Remote Control App for access to even more unique features.  

Cloudious' Atomic9 vaporizer 

One of the most essential vaporizers to have is something that’s portable for easy on the go use. Many folks opt for the PAX 3, which is a great model, but I was surprised to find I greatly preferred Cloudious’ Atomic9 vaporizer. It’s a dry herb vaporizer that’s small enough to discreetly slip into any pocket. You can choose from any one of the six preset adjustable temperatures ranging from 356F to 428F with one push of a button. Vapor is thick, smooth and flavorful with easy cleanup, making this little guy a slam dunk.

Cloudious9 Atomic9

Photo credit: Cloudious9

PuffCo „Sunset” Peak

The PuffCo is one of the most iconic vaporizers on the market, and this limited edition model is one of their most beautiful products ever. It’s essentially turned tall, intricate and shatter-prone bongs into a sleek device with an e-nail for concentrate use. Part of its appeal is its appealing aesthetic design (hand-blown borosilicate glass, delightful sunset colors) and portability. The PuffCo also has a speedy 20 second heat up time, 4 heat settings and utilizes haptic feedback. It achieves a full charge in 2 hours that lasts for 30 dabs. You can also nab travel kits for even easier on the go access. 

PuffCo Peak Sunset edition

Photo credit: PuffCo


The DaVinci MIQRO is a dry herb vaporizer. It has a small dry herb chamber, making this a great gift option for your friend who likes to microdose. The device utilizes a Zirconium airflow system and mouthpiece, has a ceramic airpath and an adjustable oven pearl that helps you maximize your dry herb supply. You can even adjust the size of the oven by up to 50% for even smaller hits, making it a solid on the go option. It’s also, quite frankly, cute and small enough to slip into a front shirt pocket virtually unnoticed.

Ghost Mv1

The Ghost MV1 may be a beefy vape but it’s also a certifiable workhorse. It’s compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, and for under $200 the price point is just right, too. I’m a big fan of the retractable mouthpiece unlike so many models whose mouthpieces snap off in my bag. Convection heating, a robust 2600 mAh battery and a proprietary heat sink design result in vapor that’s as cool as it is flavorful. Vape connoisseurs can also connect it to the GHOST app for additional customization options.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

Photo credit: Ghost Vapes

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