Colleges Prepare For Legal Cannabis –

Many Illinois college students will soon be able to buy marijuana, but many campuses will remain drug-free. Augustana College and Western Illinois University will prohibit cannabis on school property. 

Wesley Brooks, Dean of Students at Augustana, says under federal law, marijuana is still illegal. So the college won’t risk losing federal aid. 

„The January 1st 2020 marijuana policy in the state of Illinois is changing virtually nothing in relationship to how the college is responding marijuana on our campus,” Brooks said. 

Justin Schuch from W-I-U says both campuses will put up posters and send emails to tell students and employees marijuana is prohibited. 

„I mean we want to make sure to educate students appropriately because it will be a potential mindset change for some. We gotta really work towards having people understand that really when it’s on campus, it’s not,” Schuch said. 

Stacey Rucker, from Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, says the college will hold a cannabis legalization seminar on December 13th. It’s mainly for businesses.

„Employers will be able to receive background knowledge on the legislation, the impact on employer drug-testing and a discussion on how to create an effective communication plan will be included,” Rucker said.

Rucker says people who want to attend the cannabis legalization seminar should sign up ahead of time. 

To register, call 309.345.3501 or send a message to

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