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While we know that CBD works well for adults, an ongoing debate exists as to whether it could be helpful or harmful for children. Consumer Reports mentions that parents are using CBD to treat cases of anxiety in an effort to avoid traditional medicines that can be harmful or ineffective without assessing the risk to the child.

Healthy Moms Healthy Babies suggests that some CBD products are ideal for children going so far as to suggest which product offerings are best suited for a child’s consumption. To cut through the hype and provide a measured response to parents, it is necessary to look into CBD usage and if it’s suitable for children.

How Do Adults Consume CBD?

Adults have been consuming CBD in several ways, even before it was officially made legal in 2018 in the United States. A common method of consumption is through topical lotions and creams. It’s a safe option with no chance of ingesting too much because the skin, muscles and joints absorb much of the therapeutic benefits.

This application is widely used by those seeking to manage pain or treat skin conditions – Toronto-based CBDMedic is a pioneer in this field offering over-the-counter products to treat symptoms of acute pain, eczema and acne.

CBD is also widely offered as a tincture, which can be administered orally through a dropper or spray. Taking the tincture usually comes with the suggestion that you keep the drop under your tongue for thirty seconds.

The easiest method of consuming CBD, however, is through edibles or capsules. They are swallowed and ingested directly. The result is that there is a lag time between taking the edible and feeling the effects. Depending on the concentration of the edible and the amount of time it usually takes your body to break it down, results may vary. That said, oral ingestion is the preferred method for CBD when taken for anxiety or insomnia related issues.

Consumers also have the option of vaping or smoking CBD – given the inherent dangers of smoking or vaping, it is not recommended to ingest CBD in this way.

What Benefits does CBD Offer?

There are many for and against CBD usage, creating a lot of noise and acting to cloud the judgment of well-intentioned consumers seeking medicinal treatments. The Permanente Journal offers some positive feedback regarding the value of CBD, suggesting that it may have an impact on anxiety and help users get better sleep. The British Journal of Pharmacology mentions that CBD offers anti-epileptic effects.

While these provide useful, necessary information about the benefits of CBD, you should note that many of the research articles do not make conclusive statements because there is still a lot of research to be done in the field. Nevertheless, results are promising, and as research continues, we may actually find concrete evidence outlining the specific ways that CBD helps treat certain disorders.

What Does This Mean for a Child?

Parents naturally prefer researching extensively before giving their children anything. In the case of CBD, evidence shows that its calming effects can help a child focus and reduce their anxiety – certainly an advantage for any parent frustrated with a lack of natural solutions for their child’s stress. The good news is that The World Health Organization says that CBD is well-tolerated in children meaning that synthetic and questionable drugs like Ritalin may have a natural alternative.

CBD is still very much an alternative treatment. Like all alternative treatments, the onus is on the parent to consult a pediatrician before using CBD. The truth is that none of the CBD extracts commercially available (with the single exception of Epidiolex) have extensive testing with children as the subject. The positive benefits of CBD on anxiety focus on adults as the test subjects.

Can I use CBD to Ease My Child’s Anxiety?

The research has not yet reached a point to conclusively prove that CBD offers significant anti-anxiety and calming benefits to a child.

That said, several non-medicinal methods of coping with stress in kids, especially before bedtime already exist, including:

  • Limit their screen time: Screens have been shown to impact the curiosity of children and disrupt emotional stability. Screens right before bed can also disrupt healthy sleep patterns.
  • Teach them meditation: using an app or traditional meditation methods are useful in helping children deal with anxiety
  • Use Noise-Canceling Headphones: These headphones can help a child focus on the present task at hand, preventing unnecessary distractions from the outside world. Children can learn to roam free during downtime and be present and mindful during homework time

While none of these are foolproof methods, they are worth trying before deciding to invest in medicinal CBD as a solution. Kids are resilient, but we shouldn’t give them things that we aren’t yet entirely sure of.

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