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There seems to be a great deal of confusion, in general, about the production of CBD from hemp and what is being sold to the public.

Colorado, the first state to legalize hemp production and CBD, mandates its production by law. Both the growing of hemp and CBD must follow strict guidelines.

I am not familiar with California law regulating hemp, but I suspect that Sacramento is behind the curve when it comes to laws governing hemp and CBD production.

Quality CBD requires very strict adherence to the growing standards of the hemp that the CBD comes from. The air, the water and soil are all critical elements in the production of quality CBD.

In addition, any additives, such as fertilizers and insecticides will all affect the hemp production and thus CBD negatively.

A report, called Certificate of Analysis, is critical to understanding the quality of the CBD.

It is done by an independent lab and identifies the amount of CBD, THC and other elements like arsenic, lead, etc. that may be contained in the resulting CBD product.

Let’s clear up one other thing as well, the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. Both come from the hemp plant.

However, hemp oil at best, can only improve one’s complexion. CBD oil, which is much more expensive, has a number of properties that may relieve pain, anxiety and assist in better sleep, among other possible benefits.

Amazon only sells hemp products, not CBD.

The medical profession is also way behind the curve when it comes to CBD. There have only been few small studies on the benefits of CBD. However, anecdotally, many people report significantly less pain, less anxiety and better sleep with CBD.

Kaiser, for example, will not even discuss the use of CBD with its patients. Maybe it is the potential for additional cost or simply a long-standing belief in Western medicine that is holding back the medical profession. They claim, in part, it is lack of significant studies. What other remedy has virtually no side effects with so much potential benefit?

Bottom line, CBD, in my opinion and from personal experience, has tremendous benefits and potential.

Tim Corey
Westlake Village

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