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The CBD business has exploded across Colorado, but one reader doesn’t get it. He’d tried drinks and gummies, he complained to our Stoner, and didn’t feel anything. „CBD doesn’t do jack for me,” he said.

Our Stoner’s reply: „Maybe because you didn’t read jack. Other than a potential difference in energy, the sign of CBD doing its thing is more about what you don’t feel…. Most people who use CBD simply use it to feel 'normal’ again, at least for brief moments of time.”

Commenters were quick to offer more advice. Notes Kim:

CBD is not meant to get you high, people. It’s to help relax and with anxiety.

Adds Austin: 

Also good for pain and inflammation.

Says Sara Lynn Crow: 

CBD is extremely helpful for my daughter’s brain tumor.

Adds Karen: 

Works to prevent migraines for me.

Advises Johanna:

I’m a skeptical person, but CBD is helping to manage my chronic anxiety. Whether it’s psychosomatic or not, it’s working.

Counters Sasha: 

I have some CBD gummies I got from a dispensary for anxiety, and I’ve gradually gone up in doses and still don’t feel like it does anything to calm me down.

Replies Sher: 

Good for you, so stop using it then, bonehead!!

Suggests David: 

Make sure it’s lab-tested first, then also find a legit nano CBD maybe so you get better absorption. Not saying it’s a cure-all, but a lot of people don’t know where to start or they give up to early as well.

As our Stoner notes, „While it certainly isn’t a savior for everyone, CBD is largely used to curb pain, inflammation, anxiety and several serious conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, Crohn’s disease and epileptic seizures — all of which can be very painful and even life-threatening if untreated.”

And then he went a bit further: „Remember, ya dingus: CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning you’re not supposed to get high from it (though some of these shady-ass CBD products might have THC or lord knows what else in them — but I digress). If you’re not feeling desired relief after a CBD gummy or coffee, maybe the 5 milligrams you paid $8 for just wasn’t enough.”

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