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The Yin and Yang of the Beckham Brands They complement, and compensate for, each other in many ways, but David and Victoria Beckham’s fruitful union couldn’t stop their holding company from registering a loss of 1.5 million pounds in fiscal 2018. Turnover fell nearly 18 percent to 45.8 million pounds in the year. According to Companies House, the official register of U.K. businesses, Beckham Brand Holdings Ltd. had posted a profit of 12.3 million pounds in 2017. BBH is a holding company for the David Beckham business and brand and for Victoria Beckham’s eponymous fashion label. Stripping out non-controlling interests, BBH achieved a profit of 2.1 million pounds in 2018, compared with 11.8 million pounds in 2017. The company paid out a dividend of 11.1 million pounds in 2018, compared with 18.8 million pounds in the previous year. More on WWD.com Report: Samantha Conti #wwdnews #davidbeckham #victoriabeckham

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