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RALEIGH, N.C., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Remedy Review, the venture capital-backed independent observer for natural health, recently conducted lab tests of CBD products. The results reinforce the need for independent monitoring and testing.

  • 8 of 15 products were mislabeled—containing at least 20% less CBD than advertised
  • All gummies tested were mislabeled—one contained zero CBD
  • 60% of vape liquids contained flammable, toxic solvents or pesticides

Tested products included some sent to the company for review and others purchased from prominent e-commerce platforms. Each of the products was tested for cannabinoid content, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. Cannabinoid tests were used to measure label accuracy.

„Demand for CBD has outpaced quality control standards,” said Marc Lewis, Executive Editor of Remedy Review. „Brands that bring poor quality products to market put consumers at risk, waste people’s money, and erode trust in a promising new product category.”

Lab tests were conducted at Avazyme, Inc., a contract research and testing laboratory based in Durham, North Carolina.

„We at Avazyme, support the entire hemp value chain from Farm to Farmacy, with our accurate and reliable testing solutions and openness in knowledge sharing,” said Volker Bornemann, Ph.D., CEO of Avayzme, Inc. „Our goal is to ensure that our customers meet the highest standards of product safety and product quality, thereby fostering trust with their clients and their end-consumers.”

As an independent observer, Remedy Review hopes its Seal of Approval will aid consumers in a confusing space by adding an additional layer of scrutiny to a growing online marketplace.

A summary of test results can be found at

About Remedy Review

Remedy Review is dedicated to advancing the wellness of people. Since its launch in October of 2018, the site has published articles on the medical, economic, and lifestyle potential of hemp. For people buying CBD online, Remedy Review is the only product review site that uses 3rd-party testing to protect consumers and hold brands accountable.

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About Avazyme, Inc.

Avazyme, Inc. offers custom-tailored testing solutions for agriculture, pesticide and biopesticide, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and the entire food value chain, performed under the highest quality standards, including GLPs. The founder, President and CEO of Avazyme, Volker Bornemann, Ph.D., is also an adjunct professor at NCSU and on the AgTech Scientific Advisory Board of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. Avazyme has acquired the state and federal permits to legally handle any controlled substances (DEA Schedule 1 through 5), including Cannabis and products derived thereof, at its laboratory facility.

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Marc Lewis

Executive Editor

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