Mass. reported 8 more vaping-related illnesses to federal officials over the past week – The Boston Globe

Massachusetts health officials have reported 90 confirmed and probable vaping-related illnesses to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of Wednesday.

Eight of the cases have been reported in the past week, including three people who said they vaped nicotine exclusively, two people who said they vaped THC exclusively, and one person who said they vaped both. In two cases, the patients either vaped CBD or it is not known what the person vaped.

THC and CBD are found in marijuana and hemp, two types of cannabis plants. THC, which is found in higher concentrations in marijuana, is the psychoactive compound that makes people high.


Forty-two of the 90 cases reported to the CDC have been in people under the age of 30. Another 26 cases have been in people ages 30 to 49, and the remaining 22 have been in people 50 years old or older.

The majority of cases continue to involve vaping THC, with about 35 patients total reporting they vaped THC only and another 19 patients reporting that they vaped THC and nicotine.

Massachusetts health officials have refused to say how many cases are linked to regulated cannabis vaping products as opposed to unregulated ones sold on the illicit market.

Nationwide, at least 2,290 illnesses and 47 deaths have been reported from vaping, including three deaths in Massachusetts, as of Nov. 20. The CDC is expected to release updated data on the nationwide illness outbreak Thursday.

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