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From candy, cookies and popcorn, to beer, wine and tinctures, the number of products infused with CBD or THC is exploding.

It’s no longer a secret that many of these products are making claims that often don’t relate to their actual makeup – and part of it stems from nobody checking until very recently. As a result, confusion reigns. Consumers are concerned about what’s really in the products they try, and the market is suffering.

Seeking to address this issue, TraceTrust has spent the past four years designing industry standards and methodologies to certify manufacturers and brands producing CBD and THC infused goods are both efficacious and trustworthy.

A True Dose

The company’s A True Dose for Cannabis and hGMP for Hemp were recently released, offering third-party certification programs for infused edibles. Just like certifications and labels validating Fair Trade, Organic and Kosher products, people want to know exactly what they are choosing to buy and consume.

“Legacy industries figured this out eons ago; independent third-party certifications validate manufacturing processes, supply chain transparency, and product safety,” said Merril Gilbert, Founder of TraceTrust. “Certification builds consumer confidence in cannabis and hemp derived products and trust in the industry and marketplace.”

TraceTrust says the certifications go beyond regulatory requirements to validate all label claims, the transparency of all ingredients, instructions for use and, more importantly dose accuracy. Earning TraceTrust certification also attests to Good Manufacturing Practices.

“The FDA is just beginning to develop federal regulations for hemp and CBD, and there is still no agreed upon standard for testing beyond concentrations of THC, CBD, pesticides, molds and solvents.”

A Little Background

TraceTrust founders Merril Gilbert and Rhiannon Woo each have over 25 years of experience in food safety and extensive backgrounds in food and beverage manufacturing. The two business women have transitioned their expertise in food safety and manufacturing to the Cannabis and Hemp industry to „make your edible credible.”

According to BDS Analytics, “…there is a growing population who prefer to enjoy their cannabis in controlled doses that meet the expectations set by labeling.”

In other words, people want to know what’s really in those CBD and THC goodies they buy at the dispensary and over the counter, and they want the same experience every time.

Independent certification provides consumers and retailers the opportunity to identify those brands that go beyond regulatory requirements and deliver credible edibles.

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