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A review of the Davinci IQ2 and Omura vaporizers to see if they are the right fit for you.

For those wishing to elevate their cannabis experience, here are two qualify vaporizers for consideration.

DaVinci IQ2 Premium Precision Vaporizer:


The IQ2, a portable dual-use vaporizer, is designed for those who like to savor their draws in a discrete manner. Consumers can use their own dry herb or concentrates regardless of the brand. This eliminates the need to carry separate devices for those who enjoy a variety of cannabis experiences albeit it flower, shatter, wax, or distillate.

Users can customize their session by adjusting the air flow using their Air Dial™️ feature, as well as the temperature. This produces a deeper and cooler vaping experience. This gives one a more subtle experience more akin to sipping a spirit than a stoner sensation replete with big smoke plumes.

For those concerned about the safety of vape pens, the IQ2 is built with medical-grade components. A glass-lined ceramic bowl and all-ceramic vapor path ensures a clean consumption experience without having any metal or plastic parts touching the cannabis. Hence, those who enjoy the experience of vaping can do so without the issues faced by those cheap cartridges that contain harmful additives such as Vitamin E acetate. Be mindful that pre-loaded cartridges cannot be used with this device.

For now, Android users can download the mobile app that allows them to monitor the vape remotely. While iOS users cannot currently download the app, they can have full device functionality and are not missing out on the advanced dosage control features. Additionally, DaVinci is now developing its own platform with a desktop app that all consumers will be able to use.

Currently, the IQ2 can be ordered online in four colors: Onyx, Gunmetal, Cobalt, and Amethyst. The device comes with all the attachments needed to use the IQ2 with ease.



The Omura is designed for those who would like a full flower experience but prefer the discretion and convenience of a vape pen. This pen’s heat-not-burn technology slowly heats this prepackaged paper cartridge for a precise draw. This allows one to take in whole flower without any solvents. Then when one is done with their session, simply discard the biodegradable and compostable cartridge without the waste found when using vape cartridges.

This device utilizes prepackaged paper cartridges filled with .17 grams of purely whole flower. So one does not have to carry along a grinder in order to enjoy a full flower experience. The flower comes from seven premiere California growers, so one can achieve a quality taste. As one can only use these prepackaged cartridges with the Omura, this device is best suited for who desire a convenient quality full flower drawer and do not need to experience with a wide range of brands.

The device is available in black, white, gold, or rose gold, and can be ordered online. The cannabis cartridges are available at select dispensaries in California. Also, Omura offers CBD strains for use in this device for those who wish to savior this experience outside of California.  

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