State recalls THC vaping cartridges sold in Bay City and Mt. Morris – ABC 12 News

LANSING (WJRT) (12/17/2019) – Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency is recalling several THC vaping products due to the presense of Vitamin E Acetate.

The state pulled these products from dispensary shelves last month in the interest of public health. The vape cartridges were sold at Elite Wellness locations in Bay City and Mt. Morris.

State regulators say many of the vaping cartridges contain Vitamin E Acetate levels exceeding 500 times the limit, which is 100 parts per million.

The affected products sold from May 15 to Nov. 19 at Elite Wellness in Bay City include:

— Cereal Cart 1G – 1A4050100000643000001005
• Fruit Loops
• Trix
• Frankenberry

— Dank Vape 1G – 1A4050100000643000001058
• Durban Poison
• Mimosa
• Tangie

The affected products sold from Aug. 3 to Nov. 22 at Elite Wellness in Mt. Morris include:

— Cereal Cart – 1A4050100001771000000117
• Honey Nut Cheerios
• Trix
• Cocoa Puffs
• Captain Crunch

— Monopoly Cart – 1A4050100001771000000130
• Grape Soda
• Gelato

— Royal Highness Princess Pie – 1A4050100001771000000073
— Savage Stick Sundae Driver – 1A4050100001771000000136

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