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SOUTHLAKE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – With the exploding popularity of CBD, don’t be surprised if you find some under the tree this Christmas.

The chemical extracted cannabis plants has found its way into chocolate, coffee, candy, beauty creams, bath bombs and doggie treats.

“CBD can be in just about anything to be honest,” said AK Ved, owner of CBD American Shaman Southlake. “The first time I saw the horse products… I was like, ‘wait I didn’t even think this is possible’.”

Ved says he’s now seeing customers buying the products for loved ones.

“It’s something easy to add to the stocking,” he said.

CBD products (CBS 11)

Federal and state regulators are still struggling to figure out how to regulate the booming new market, though.

Attorney Kush Patel, who represents various CBD stores, suggests using some caution.

“I would be very aware of where you’re getting your CBD from. You should know that person you’re buying from, or the company you’re buying from is a reputable source,” said Patel.

He says, while buying and selling CBD products is legal, making your own is not.

Items can contain trace amounts of THC, the other chemical found in cannabis plants that gives you a high, in concentrations of less than .3 percent.

Reputable stores, Patel says, will make sure their products stay under that limit.

“Some people have jobs where they drug test. You got to make sure you’re not giving somebody a product where they potentially fail that drug test,” said Patel

He recommends asking retailers a lot of questions.

Ask if a store controls their supply chain. They should know where their products come from.

Ask if their products are tested in house or by an independent third-party lab. An independent lab is generally more reliable.

And, ask what the concentration of CBD is in a product. Retailers should know what they’re selling. The higher the concentration, the more likely it is to have an effect.

If you’re looking to use CBD for medicinal purposes, most stores will recommend oils, tinctures or creams. Edibles, like candy, though can sometimes be less intimidating for people wanting to try it for the first time.

Be prepared to pay more, though, for products infused with CBD.

A single CBD lollipop can cost you between $3 – $10.

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