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Edie Parker Flowers


Photo Courtesy: Edie Parker

I’m a massive fan of luxury cannabis. You could say that a quest as deep deserves a path in life. Mine involves ultra-luxury cannabis and this one like my passion for Biodynamic and Organic wine need to be explored with care and passion. Thus is my goal in the cannabis industry. Sure I like to write about the obscure and the nearly impossible to source. But at the end of the day, I’m also looking for products that resonate intrinsically with my design savvy. The external branding of Flower by Edie Parker is every bit as tangible as going into Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and purchasing several tens of thousands of dollars in luxury cosmetics without batting an eyebrow? Or is it an eyelash, I’m not quite sure, because I’ve never spent that much on cosmetics, or clothing for that matter. But I digress. Flower by Edie Parker comes enrobed in a range of boudoir pleasing designs. They are tastefully boxed in boldly striped containers. Inside, tiny flowers seem to cascade through your consciousness, they are frivolity and fun, all boxed together. Open them at the bottom so you might collect all of them and display the colorful packages next to your finest perfumes and creams. Luxury is the name of the game with Edie Parker.

But it’s not just the colorful packaging that makes Flower by Edie Parker

Edie Parker


Photo Courtesy: Edie Parker

so enticing. This is a luxury cannabis brand packaged in a lovely design exercise that must have made everyone really happy. When I first saw Flower by Edie Parker, I knew I had to try the brand. And the flowers themselves are more than worth the price of admittance. You see, this is a private label project with my good friends “downstream” at the luxury craft cannabis company, Flow Kana. When I learned this detail during the recent Emerald Cup, held yearly in Santa Rosa, California, I was taken aback. Was this the same company that holds craft cannabis as the deepest accolade you can offer a micro-cannabis farmer? That the herbs contained in the whimsical packages are propagated by real farmers. Cannabis as serious as the strains that won the Emerald Cup? If you said yes, you’d be only half-way there.

Edie Parker


Photo Courtesy: Edie Parker

Flower by Edie Parker may be fun and joyous in the package, that is for certain. But contained inside the gold-topped creamy-multi- colored jars is craft cannabis that will get you really stoned. This is true ultra-luxury cannabis quality inside and out. There is nothing that actually reads craft cannabis on the container, but anyone who knows Flow Kana’s deep commitment to outdoor grown craft cannabis would understand that what is inside is going to do what you bought it to do. Bring you to a higher level in life, inspire you to do better things and be more successful. I want to get things done with I smoke Flow Kana cannabis. I vouch for this, having written six books under the spell of these healing flowers. Flower by Edie Parker’s product means something more than just pretty to look at on your perfume shelf. It is not corporate cannabis, although Flow Kana is very much a corporation, and then again part of a much larger one at that. But please keep in mind. I’m ultra-proud to share these really cool side-projects.

Edie Parker


Photo Courtesy: Edie Parker

Having owned a small business, they mean something to me. I know this sounds confusing, but it’s not meant to be an economics dissertation. It’s a review of some really excellent flowers that come from a place in the world known for the terroir. Like in wine, cannabis that is grown outside, under the sun possesses a specific taste of the place. And like in the finest wine, this identifier from the soil becomes the signature of the brand. Flower by Edie Parker has harnessed this terroir in all the strains. And they kick serious, well you know what it kicks!

My Tasting Notes:

Banana Jam: Bursts of thickly textured preserves slathered over brown-butter napped brioche toast leads to a deeply intellectual high. I wanted to get started on that next book. Whatever that next book would be. It’s a jump-start for the day, not for late at night mind you!

True OG: This is textbook OG, although labeled a highbred, I’d say this one makes my mind worry less about all these tasting notes I have to do, and more about the enjoyment of the journey ahead of me. What journey? Erase mind.

SFV OG: Glistening with minute crystals, SFV OG takes you on a journey reminiscent of the first time you visited the Plaza Hotel in NYC during the Holidays and the smile that you remember plastered across your face. Was it the blast of icy wind or the charm of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center? No matter, this cannabis takes you there, back to your childhood. Metaphorically at least.

Edie Parker


Photo Credit: Edie Parker

99 Cookies: Is there a comfortable couch in the house? Perhaps time would be better spent enjoying this strain while staying in the periphery of your favorite down-filled perch. In- DA- couch is a cannabis-slang word for Indica. This description is not too far from the mark for this deeply stony, mashed potato smeared across your brain, cannabis strain. I adore the pain-killing qualities of these indica flowers, and this strain in particular is no exception. Enjoy a Tom and Jerry Punch alongside your perfect rolled mini-joint. Soon it will be good night Sally! In DA Couch.

Cherry Cheesecake: Oh, I saved the best strain for last. Bursting with a tangle of tangy sweet cream woven into a tabloid of graham crust. Dollops of oven caramelized black fruits come into view with tart maraschino cherry liqueur drawing circles around your palate and lips. This is charming cannabis with very few equals in any competition. And it, like all the others that I’ve tasted, do what you bought them to do. And that’s not just look good on the shelf. They are meant to be smoked and enjoyed with friends. Happy Day!


flower tin jars


Photo Courtesy: Edie Parker

Flower by Edie Parker Cannabis Strains:

Flower by Edie Parker’s private-label cannabis strains feature sun-grown flower by northern California brand Flow Kana. Available through Emjay delivery services for $20/gram Flower by Edie Parker’s signature strains include a sativa “Pineapple Rising,” hybrid „Banana Jam” and indica “Cherry Cheesecake.” Excited to announce Flower by Edie Parker has recently launched Little Edies: delightfully discreet, yet playful pre-roll joints that are exclusively sold at Sweet Flower dispensaries $45/tin. Little Edie’s pre-roll joints feature three *BRAND NEW* strains: “99 Cookies” an indica designed to relax, “True OG” an active-hybrid, and “SFV OG” an active sativa.    

About Flower by Edie Parker:

Flower by Edie Parker is an irreverent take on premium cannabis and accompanying accessories, sold online & in-stores at www.edieparkerflower.com and in Edie Parker’s new NoHo flagship location on 25 Bond St. boutique which has turned over as a high-end head shop. Brett Heyman’s collection is the first brand to unite the worlds of fashion and cannabis for a collision of creativity with an irreverent and unapologetically bold collection to usher in a new generation of cannabis smokers. Priced from $20 to $500, Flower by Edie Parker’s collections feature gorgeous acrylic, ceramic and hand-blown glass accessories (handcrafted in Italy, Nashville, Oregon, and Brooklyn respectively) including stash jars, lighters, ashtrays, grinders, bongs, blunt tips, pipes, rolling papers, rolling trays, and a distinctly canna-friendly take on her signature acrylic bags. While most cannabis brands have jumped on the wellness bandwagon, Flower By Edie Parker aims to (finally!) bring FUN, a cheeky sense of humor, and a much-needed sartorial mindset to the cannabis crowd. Beyond Heyman’s roll-out of accessories within her head shop and online, Flower by Edie Parker has released multiple strains of private label flower, in partnership with craft cannabis brand, Flow Kana. Utilizing a small, independent farm ecosystem in Northern California, Flow Kana’s premium flower for Flower By Edie Parker is sustainably cultivated and sun grown, available exclusively through luxury cannabis delivery service Emjay and sold at Sweet Flower dispensary locations.

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