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Fifty million people suffer from allergies. If you’re one of those people, you know how debilitating it can be when you can’t breathe because of it. What if there was an easier way for you to treat breathing issues with a portable steam inhaler?

This personal vaporizer will help you breathe better on the go

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler in Use

Not being able to breathe properly is one of the worst things we can experience. Whether it be from a cold, the flu, or allergies our lives pretty much stop. It’s one of those things we take for granted and don’t think about until something happens that takes the ability away from us. When those moments strike, wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal vaporizer on hand to get you through it?

The Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler could be the answer for you. Instead of struggling to breathe, you’ll be able to pull out your personal vaporizer and perform a breathing treatment without the hassle of cords and clunky machines.

Avya clears obstructions in your breathing path

This portable steam inhaler uses clean nanoparticle steam to go deep into your nasal, sinus, and throat passages. It will clear you out and relieve you of your symptoms. And best of all, it’s portable. So if you’re suffering from a cold, you can take it to work with you to relieve your symptoms throughout the day.

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler Being Placed into a Purse by a Woman

If you’re traveling and are worried about encountering new allergens, don’t worry about it. Just pack your Avya with you, and if your allergies act up, you’ll be able to clear the irritants from your nasal passages and sinuses.

Or what if you have the one friend who has a cat, and cat dander is your nemesis? As soon as one little particle gets in your nose, it’s all over for you. Bring your Avya with you and sneak off to the bathroom to use it to help alleviate your symptoms.

Avya is easy to use, and works by first getting deep into your nasal, sinus, and throat passages with natural, warm steam. It keeps your nasal passages clear by fostering mucus drainage. By hydrating and moisturizing air passages, it eases nasal and throat discomfort. Finally, it will relieve facial pressure and other allergy symptoms.

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler

Thanks to the small battery, it’s portable. And the rechargeable lithium ion battery has 120 minutes of charge on it. And it’s proven to be more effective than Neti pots, humidifiers, pills, creams, and other treatments. It’s also durable and is guaranteed to last for two years. Most importantly, it’s been cleared by the FDA.

This portable steam inhaler isn’t just for allergies

Are you someone who uses your voice a lot for work? Maybe you’re a DJ, a radio host, a public speaker, or a singer. You probably face a lot of vocal strain. It can be exhausting to use your voice so much, and it’s important to give yourself some relief. The Avya is for you.

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler Emitting Vapor

Sometimes, the winter can wreak havoc on our throats and sinuses because it’s so dry out. It gets hard to breathe and can even hurt. But with Avya, you can clear that up and breathe easily again. Airplanes can also wreak havoc on our respiratory systems with their dry, recycled air. Avya is the solution.

Avya is safe to use

Avya is so safe, even kids can use it. And it’s easy to use too. All you have to do is add saline, turn it on, and inhale deeply. It’s germ-free and drug-free, so you won’t need to worry about using it. You can use either Avya Water, Himalayan Saline, or DIY Saline with your personal vaporizer.

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler

Avya by Aura Medical Portable Steam Inhaler in Packaging

The Avya water is a simple saline solution, but if you’re looking for added benefits, you’ll want to check out the Himalayan Saline. The Himalayan Saline:

  • Alleviates asthma, allergy, and sinus symptoms
  • Decreases inflammation and supports deeper sleep
  • Helps with stress relief, detoxification, and immune support

What we ❤️about this product

We love this is is portable, safe, and easy to use. For people who suffer from allergies, this could be a godsend. Living with allergies is miserable, and anything that helps alleviate that would be awesome. And we like that it’s germ-free. The sealed water refills are convenient and will give many people peace of mind about the quality of what they are breathing in.

Get your Avya now

If you’re looking to ease your airways, head on over to their website to get your own Avya Portable Steam Inhaler for $229. Next time you have a cold, get through it much easier when you can breathe easier.

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