I Vaped CBD Every Night For 1 Week — Here’s How It Affected My Sleep and A.M. Workouts – POPSUGAR

I knew CBD was having quite the moment, but I didn’t know how much of a moment until I saw CBD being sold at the airport and the grocery store! It’s everywhere — in tinctures, drinks, gummies, protein bars, lotions for sore muscles, snacks — and I’ve tried them all. I’ve also smoked CBD, so when DaVinci sent me a vaporizer and CBD flower, I was excited to try it.

The Experiment

I wanted to find out how vaping CBD at night would affect both my sleep and my early morning workouts. I vaped CBD every night for a week and this is what happened. Note that I do not take CBD regularly, so this was the first time I’d be taking it for seven days straight.

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