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OAKLAND, CA, Dec. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lucent Botanicals understands that some consumers are confused about CBD and its cousin cannabis.

That is why Lucent Botanicals, which has developed seven CBD Mints, explains all the benefits of CBD and how it is different from cannabis. 

“In contrast to marijuana, which produces a high, CBD is completely non- psychoactive,” said Chris Cooper, founder of the Oakland-based Lucent Botanicals. “CBD targets your body’s natural healing systems. You are always in full control of your experience.” are:” data-reactid=”14″>The seven Lucent Botanicals’ designer CBD mints available on are:

  • Calm CBD Mints
  • Energy CBD Mints
  • Focus CBD Mints
  • Inflammation Relief CBD Mints
  • Mood Lift CBD Mints
  • Pain Relief CBD Mints
  • Sleep CBD Mints

Lucent Botanicals developed these “designer” CBD mints to provide a highly targeted effect. “Each of our designer CBD mints has specific formulations of terpenes and herbs to address specific wellness benefits.”

For example, Lucent’s Pain Relief CBD mint has different ingredients than its Focus CBD mint.

Cooper pointed out that Lucent’s CBD mints are absorbed in the mouth instead of the digestive system.

“Our CBD mints are fasting acting because the CBD is absorbed through the mouth,” Cooper said. “Most people report feeling the effects within 5-20 minutes of consumption.”

Lucent Botanicals also realized that tinctures, capsules, or even gummies just didn’t cut it for today’s consumers.

“My co-founder was a chef for some of the best-known restaurants in San Francisco. His expertise ensures that you will not confuse our great-tasting mints with weed,” he said.

Lucent also realized that you couldn’t have great tasting mints if you didn’t use the best ingredients.

“We only use natural, organic herbs and terpenes,” he said.

Cooper said the research and development team made the CBD mints mobile. “They can go anywhere you go,” he added. “Just put them in your pocket or backpack and then pop a mint whenever you like.”” data-reactid=”32″>To purchase Lucent’s CBD mints, visit

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