Can you fly with cannabis in Illinois after new law goes into effect? – WGEM

As recreational cannabis becomes legal in Illinois, a question facing a lot of traveler is; can you bring it on a plane? And, can you bring cannabis on a plane traveling within state lines from Quincy to Chicago.

Adams County State’s Attorney Gary Farha says the new law brings new sets of challenges for his office and for law enforcement.

For those flying out of Quincy, since the airport is owned by the city, Farha says it may come down to what the city decides on; if it’s legal to fly with cannabis within state lines.

However, federal law still prohibits cannabis possession in any amount.

„It’s just generally not a good idea, at this point, to be trying to fly with cannabis,” said Farha.

Farha says he will be meeting with county and city police later this week to iron out the details regarding the legalization of cannabis.

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