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OAKLAND, CA, Dec. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New Year’s resolutions are an annual rite of passage.Every January, people promise to lose weight, get healthy, quit smoking, find a new job, and the list goes on. Fifty-nine percent of Americans said they wanted to exercise more in 2019, 54 percent wanted to eat healthier, and 48 percent made losing weight their New Year’s goal.This year if you want to change your lifestyle for the better, make Lucent Botanicals designer CBD mints part of your new regimen.“Our CBD mints are a great complement to your 2020 wellness goals,” said Chris Cooper, founder of Lucent Botanicals. “Each mint uses different terpenes and herbs to achieve the desired wellness benefit.”That means Inflammation Relief CBD Mints contain different ingredients than Pain Relief CBD Mints or Sleep CBD Mints.Lucent Botanicals’ designer CBD mints, which are available on, include:Calm CBD MintsEnergy CBD MintsFocus CBD MintsInflammation Relief CBD MintsMood Lift CBD MintsPain Relief CBD MintsSleep CBD Mints“The New Year always brings hope for a better tomorrow. January brings a fresh start,” Cooper said. “Since losing weight or getting healthy are among the most popular resolutions, it makes sense to check out dietary supplements that will complement your goals. CBD is a natural, holistic option.”Cooper suggested you choose the CBD mint you think will help you achieve your new lifestyle goals in 2020.  “You can also mix and match. You can try Focus CBD Mints or Mood Life for one aspect of your program, and use Pain Relief CBD Mints for a different goal.Cooper pointed out the advantages of using Lucent Botanicals’ CBD Mints.“The mints are very convenient to take anywhere – even the gym. Our mints are fast-acting because they dissolve in the mouth,” Cooper said. “Plus, we only use natural, organic herbs, and terpenes in our ingredients.”To purchase Lucent’s CBD mints, visit Polin
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