Recreational cannabis dispensary prepares to open on Wednesday – WGEM

In just two days, adult-use cannabis will become legal in the State of Illinois and one of Quincy’s new dispensaries is preparing for the new year.

Rise Quincy will be opening in what used to be Outdoor Power near 27th and Broadway.

„Edibles, vapes, anywhere from chocolates to Ramen noodles; everything you can think of we will have on the menu,” said Rise Quincy District Manager Derrick Levy.

Rise Quincy is gearing up to open on Wednesday and Levy says they’re expecting long lines.

„We will have vendors there serving coffee, hot chocolate, tea to keep everybody warm in line and heaters by the door,” said Levy. „We also will have some strategic planning we’ve done to help the line move.”

In fact, They’re expecting so many people that Levy says for the first day at least, each customer will be limited to an eighth of an ounce of cannabis flower. State-law allows Illinois residents to purchase 30 grams, or one ounce.

„You’ll have an iPad menu to choose from and it’ll display everything we have,” said Levy. „You make your purchase and as long as you are within your limits, you’ll be on your way.”

As far as quantity goes, Levy says they’re confident they’ll have enough to go around, especially considering that limit they’re initially putting on cannabis flower.

„Supplies come intermittently,” said Levy. „We understand we had to build it up and we’ve been doing that. We’re pretty comfortable on where we will be at be able to serve the public on our initial inventory.”

The display of loose products is prohibited by the state. So you won’t be able to see or smell any of the product before you buy it.

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