The CBD-Centric Kitchen – ProHealth

They say abs are made in the kitchen.

For those intrigued, it’s probably accurate. For the rest of us, though, there’s this truth: health and wellness are made in the kitchen too!

The foods we eat can make us or break us. Choose correctly, and you’ll keep inflammation, oxidation, and stress to a minimum… but choose wrong, and you might find it hard to reach your 2020 wellness goals.

Today it’s easier than ever to incorporate wellness-promoting CBD into your kitchen. CBD recipes are ever-improving; CBD-infused edibles are, too. Combining CBD with food is one of 2019’s biggest trends for a reason: it makes staying healthy fun!

So, how to best incorporate CBD into your kitchen? There are a few ways – CBD can be cooked with, infused into oils, or simply eaten in ‘edible’ form…

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