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Of course, when we talk about rest and relaxation, products like CBD gummies for anxiety come to mind just as much as the thought of being on a long vacation away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  So, it’s no surprise that most vacation-goers are wondering how they can properly bring CBD with them onto a plane.

For those looking to travel with CBD this new year, this guide is for you.  We’ll be covering your questions regarding if and how you can travel with CBD, plus dive into different tips so that your trip can be as seamless as possible.  After all, the last thing you want happening is having your CBD confiscated before boarding.

Can You Travel with CBD, According to the TSA?

Now, here’s the thing about CBD – the rules and laws regarding it are always changing.  That’s because CBD is such a new industry that a lot of lawmakers don’t quite know what to do with it.  As of now, CBD is legal on a federal level, which means that it can be bought and used without any problems.  But the TSA is a bit behind the times, as they still believe that hemp and marijuana are the same thing, despite scientific evidence that states otherwise.

As you know, CBD can come from either the hemp plant or the marijuana plant.  Only CBD that comes from the hemp plant is legal, because hemp only has 0.3 percent THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient that is far more abundant in marijuana.  However, the TSA doesn’t seem to make this distinction, viewing all cannabis products as against their rules.

So, does that mean that having CBD in your luggage will get you arrested?  Well, not exactly.  The TSA just doesn’t really care all that much about substances that they deem restricted, believe it or not.  And, there’s a really good reason for that.  The TSA’s job is to keep you safe, not get you arrested.  So, what they’re looking for is weapons.  And, they don’t have a lot of time, since those security lines are so long.  So, they’re not really inspecting every substance that you bring, but, rather, looking for dangerous objects that can harm others.

How to Bring CBD with You During Your Travels

Now that you understand when it comes to safely bringing CBD on a plane and likely get through without any problems.  Still, some agents remain harsher than others, so follow these tips below to make sure that you don’t get your CBD taken away.

Tip #1: Follow the TSA’s Guidelines Carefully and Thoroughly

Since 9/11, the TSA’s rules about how you can pack your items became far stricter.  Of course, this is to keep us safe.  And, it means that you have to abide by their rules, or else you may not be allowed on a plane, and they make take your items away from you.  So, treat CBD like you would any other product that you pack, and store it according to the guidelines posted on the TSA’s website.

Tip #2: Bring Paperwork Just in Case

If you end up with a particularly suspicious TSA agent, they just may be concerned about whether or not your CBD is, in fact, CBD.  To make sure that your CBD doesn’t raise any red flags, bring paperwork if you can.  The best thing is to print out the lab results regarding the CBD, so that if a TSA agent questions you, you can prove that what you have is a federally legal substance.

Tip #3: Vaping CBD on a Plane or in an Airport is a Very Bad Idea

Vaping CBD on a plane or in an airport is strictly forbidden and failing to follow this rule will likely result in a huge fine.  So, resist the urge to vape CBD before you get onto a plane, or while you’re in flight.  We know that flying can be anxiety-inducing, so if you want to have some CBD to relax before the flight, try an edible or a tincture instead.

Tip #4: Always Be Polite

TSA agents are always on the lookout for suspicious behavior, and again, this is because their job is to keep you safe.  So, while you’re traveling with CBD, make a point to avoid doing anything that can alarm the agents around you.  Basically, be polite, don’t appear agitated, follow directions and make eye contact when necessary.

Tip #5: Make Sure Your CBD Product is Clearly Labeled

If you plan on putting, say, a vape oil into a smaller bottle to make it compliant with TSA guidelines, label what it is.  This way, your TSA agent won’t have to ask you.

Traveling Can Indeed Be Stressful… 

Hence, we totally understand that having CBD by your side as you take flight can be very helpful.  Of course, when it comes to CBD, make sure that you follow all TSA guidelines so that it doesn’t get confiscated.  And, enjoy your travels!

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