Legal cannabis sales begin in Rockford, locals pack Sunnyside – WIFR

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) — It’s the dawning of a new era as Illinois becomes the 11th state to allow marijuana sales for recreational use. Some eager customers at the Sunnyside Dispensary in Rockford are calling it the end of prohibition.

The first sales of legal marijuana began in Rockford at Sunnyside Dispensary on McFarland Road in Rockford at 6 a.m. Wednesday. The first customer traveled from Madison, Wisconsin Tuesday afternoon to be first in line.

„I’m trying to be number one versus number 10,” says Danny Connors. „It’s freedom, when they ask me 'what’s it mean to you coming so far out’ it means I don’t have to look over my shoulder.”

Connors was 10th in line in Denver when the state became the first to legalize recreational cannabis. He arrived in Rockford Tuesday at 3 p.m. and started the line at midnight to ring in the new year.

Sunnyside spokesperson Jason Berkenstock says he hopes everyone sees how pleased the customers are with their purchases.
„You’re going to have great education and partnership and knowledge from our wellness advisers, and just a great portfolio and house of brands from flower to bakes to concentrates,” he says. „Really the concept is you don’t need to be a patient to want to sleep better, or to function better or to feel better every day.”

Medical representatives are inside of the dispensary to help first time buyers find a product right for them.

To enter the dispensary customers need a valid ID. To make a purchase they are only accepting cash. A pre-rolled joint costs $15 and concentrates can range from $20 to $80. Illinois residents are allowed to purchase 30 grams of flower, five rams of concentrate and 500 mg of edibles.

Rockford’s other marijuana store, Mapleglen Care Center sells medical marijuana right now. They will hold off selling recreational marijuana for a couple of weeks.

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