A Rock and a Hard Place. CBD Moonrocks Are Now Available in Dallas. – Dallas Observer

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, chances are you know what moonrocks are and what they can do to a person who smokes them.

The cannabis industry is full of highly sedated scientists and potheads who are always looking for ways to make cannabis products stronger. And why not? The worst that could happen is you might sleep through your alarm clock while having the best dream you have ever had in your life.

The world-renowned „moonrocks” have landed in Dallas. Well, not the original branded Moonrocks from the California rapper Kurupt that topped off at about 52% THC. This is a nationwide legal version of moonrocks that cannabis nerds have baked up to 50% so far.

Cannabis connoisseurs spend the majority of their time hunting down the strongest strains and THC concentrates they can find on the market to continuously test the limits of their cannabis tolerance.

In the world of CBD and non-psychoactive cannabinoids, the same standard applies for competitive consumers. The more cannabinoids that are found in a product, the more potent the effects from that product can be felt.
Those little rocks that look like pellets of owl throw-up are fairly simple to make. Again, we are talking about CBD moonrocks — the ingredients consist of flower and at least two forms of concentrated CBD. The concentrated is typically two- to four-times more potent than the flower.

First, they find the best hemp flower available. And since the purchasing and consuming of CBD products is legal in Texas, it is not too hard to find some super fire CBD flower around the country. There is CBD flower on the market right now that exceeds 25% of total cannabinoids.

Next, the connoisseur will find the most potent CBD oil-based concentrate they can get their hands on. CBD concentrates have the look and texture of fresh honey or syrup and can contain over 85% of total cannabinoids. A dab of that will surely have the consumer thinking they might have smoked some THC.

After dipping the buds in the concentrate, the next step is to roll the buds in hash or keif. Or roll them in both hash and keif. In a three-chamber grinder, the third chamber is used to catch the keif. Hash is considered one of the oldest forms of refined cannabis and is essentially keif that goes through a pressurizing and heating process.

I was ecstatic when I saw CBD moonrocks in Dallas and knew that I had to try some. If your compare THC moonrocks to CBD moonrocks, you might be extremely disappointed. While smoking THC moonrocks, you might feel like your head left your body and flew to the moon; CBD moonrocks, on the other hand, send your body to the moon while your head stays on Earth.

The experiences are drastically different and similar at the same time. As CBD products and other cannabinoids continue to hit the market because of their various medicinal benefits, more products like CBD moonrocks will touch down in Dallas. Just like THC products, CBD products will continue to get stronger and more potent … and hopefully stay legal in Texas.

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