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On Nov. 15, Apple Inc. (NYSE: AAPL) removed all vape apps from the iOS App Store. This shift is one of the latest developments in corporate and government efforts to mitigate the negative public health consequences from vaping both nicotine and cannabis. 

The CDC and FDA are investigating an outbreak of vaping-associated lung injury, or EVALI. 

The CDC has linked vitamin E acetate in cannabis vapes to the illnesses. Fifty-five associated deaths and 2,561 hospitalizations have been reported as of Dec. 27, according to the federal agency.

At the same time, the Trump administration is moving to ban flavored nicotine e-cigarette pods made by manufacturers such as Juul that are blamed for an increase in teen vaping.

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What Investors Need To Know

The distinction between „vapes” and „dry herb vaporizers” is an important one.

„Because the word vape is shorter than vaporize, people have been using vape to describe any device that produces an aerosol,” said Nima Noori, the CEO of TVape, a vaporizer retailer.

The company’s newest product, the ZEUS Arc GT, is one of many products on the market that vaporizes dry cannabis herb, which is arguably a safer, more efficient way to consume cannabis versus traditional combustion.

Bringing Vaping Back To Basics 

As new legislation emerges, there will be a shift in the way that people will consume their cannabis.

Consumers now understand that processed oils come with a risk, Noori told Benzinga. 

„That risk exists with all oils contained in a vape pen, absent federal legalization and appropriate regulation — which thankfully Canada is spearheading, and the U.S. should consider.”

The vaping industry is at a point where it’s being pressured to return to the basics, Noori said — „and avoid adventurism in putting flavors meant for your mouth into your lungs.” 

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