Tobacco shop sees increase in glass smoking product sales – WREX-TV

ROCKFORD(WREX)—Rockford Tobacco Shop Peace Novelty says it has seen an increase of sales for glass products like bongs and pipes since the legalization of recreational marijuana.

„Since the marijuana legalized, the sales have increased a little bit,” said the owner, Kam Patel.

Since January 1st, the shop has seen a 10% increase in sales for its glass products and cartridge vaporizer products.

With more people coming in and buying the products, the store says it has already put in a new order for more vaporizer products.

But that isn’t the only change the store is seeing; the store says the atmosphere from customers has changed as well. It says its customers feel better about buying products for weed.

„Its easier to communicate with our customers which I am liking the best because we don’t have to use these hidden code word type things. We can be open about what we are doing,” said cashier Dylan Mitchell.

Mitchell says being open has led to people saying they feel comfortable asking more questions.

She adds that it could lead to the shop becoming more inclusive for people with different needs.

„We still do have CBD and Kratom as well so I think that we have all of it and bring different crowds of people all with the same idea I guess,” said Mitchell.

And with more and more people using marijuana, the store says it expects sales to continue to increase in the future.

„Since the legalized, we can talk friendly, we can understand what kind of demand they have and it’s a very exciting time,” said Patel.

The Bubble Hive says its store has also seen an increase in sales for glass products.

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