Christmas Day fight leads police to THC vape pen cartridges: Strongsville Police Blotter –


Disturbance: Pearl Road

On Dec. 25, police were dispatched to a Pearl Road location after a caller reported four men fighting in a back parking lot. They were last seen running toward a nearby restaurant.

An arriving officer talked to a witness, who said the altercation involved two men and a lot of bystanders. The fighters had left the scene before the officer arrived. However, while talking to bystanders, the officers smelled marijuana coming out of a Toyota.

It turned out that both backseat passengers were in possession of vape pens with THC cartridges. They were cited for drug abuse.

Unattended vehicle: Royalton Road

On Dec. 25, police observed a Chevrolet on Royalton Road. The problem was the vehicle was running and unattended, just begging for someone to steal it.

The officer located the owner and advised them not to leave their vehicle running and unattended.

Disturbance: Pearl Road

On Dec. 25, police were dispatched to a Pearl Road motel after a passerby heard a woman screaming. The caller said a man and a woman may have been fighting about drugs.

An arriving officer located the couple, who were having relationship issues. They told the officer the issue had been temporarily settled that evening.

ATV issues: Stillbrooke Drive

On Dec. 25, a Stillbrooke Drive resident called police after a juvenile was riding a four-wheeler on the street. The caller said the teen lives on Potomac Drive. That’s where the officer located the juvenile’s mother, who said her son has numerous ATVs and dirt bikes. The officer advised the woman on what was allowed in terms of riding in the city.

Bonfire blues: West 130th Street

On Dec. 25, a West 130th Street resident called police after seeing fire on a nearby vacant property, which didn’t have a house. An arriving officer located the fire, which had been set by a nearby homeowner in their back yard. They were advised to extinguish the bonfire.

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